His thumb swipes across my nipple, and it shoots straight to the center of me. But the heat of his hand seeps through my shirt. I arch my back pressing closer to him. He flicks the front opening of my bra and bends his head to take my nipple into his mouth. I am swaddled in him as his tongue has its wicked way with me. With a flip of his wrist, he unbuttons my jeans and lowers the zipper.

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I can fix this. Then he pushes me back from him. His voice is hoarse. I promise. Then he steps out the door and closes it softly behind him. His daughter, Hayley, is with a sitter, and he has to go and pick her up. I volunteered to go instead, but he laughed, shook his head, and walked out.

For me. It is for her, apparently since she reaches for my belt buckle, and I brush her hands away, lifting my knee to block her. I pass her shirt to her. But he is an ass who is now living with my girl. The curtain shakes. You busy? I like it when she does that. She walks across the room slowly and then kisses me softly. I want to linger over her lips all day and all night. Never too busy for you. She shimmies her unbound boobs at me under her shirt.

After a few years and a couple of kids, her boobs will be looking down at her belly button. She nods. She nods, and I get out my equipment. Emily and I have to talk. I have to find out what happened today after I left. Emily looks up at me, blinking her pretty brown eyes. The girl goes to pay Friday and slips her number in my pocket as she strolls by me. I motion for her to follow me to the back of the shop. She lets me help her to her feet and follows me. I nod. Her gaze skitters around. I tip her chin up with my finger and force her to look at me.

My mother told him she would pay for it herself if it came down to it. She loves you already. Older women love them. Emily grins, but then she winces again. I draw in a deep breath, trying not to. I work to soften my stance. But this time I wrap my arms around her while I do it and spin her around. She giggles against me, and I can feel the movement of it in her belly. I guess that matters. I tuck a lock of hair behind her ear. I grimace. It probably does. I hold my finger and thumb an inch apart.

I tip her face up. Then she says it again and again and again, and my heart swells. The lights turn off. I shove the curtain back, and Friday glares at us, her purse over her shoulder. Emily covers her mouth, trying not to laugh. Some antiseptic or something. She hates it when I give her noogies. She screams and ducks outside my reach. Put down some paper or something. I wrap my arm around her, pulling her into my side.

We follow Friday out the door, and she turns and locks it. She turns away but then spins toward us again. Then she walks away. I realize she has her black canvas bag over her shoulder.

I take it from her and put it over my own. I look down at my watch. So I do. His brothers rush at me. Sam and Pete, the youngest brothers in the family, get to me first. They squeeze me, and they press their lips against each of my cheeks. Sam already has his tongue out, but he sucks it back in really quickly and grins at me. He squeezes me tightly, clutching my head against his chest as his hands tumble through my hair. Pete laughs and steps to the side. He really is a big guy, even bigger than Logan, and I think he could wrap around me twice.

He leans against the kitchen counter with his arms crossed in front of his chest. His eyes are wet, and he blinks really quickly. He pushes off the counter and starts toward me. He smiles and shrugs his shoulders. Matt stops in front of me and tips my face up to his. He looks directly into my eyes and holds my gaze. He holds my face between his palms and stares into my eyes. He looks down at me, and his gaze is so serious that my insides quiver.

That lump in my throat grows ten times its size. His eyebrows scrunch together.


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But New York is where my heart is. I met Logan in the fall. He took care of me when I needed a place to stay, and I took care of him when his brother got sick with cancer. Matt needed an expensive medical treatment, and the only way to get the money was for me to suck it up and take one for the team. So, I did. Matt went into treatment, paid for by my father, and Logan went on with his life.


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I can fix this. Then he pushes me back from him. His voice is hoarse. I promise. Then he steps out the door and closes it softly behind him. His daughter, Hayley, is with a sitter, and he has to go and pick her up.


Smart, Sexy and Secretive

I wink at him. I learned that the hard way. I bump knuckles with Henry, and he smiles at me. He holds up a finger and goes to a locked box beside his desk.

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