Primesti puncte de fidelitate Cum functioneaza? Punctele se acorda oricarui utilizator care are un cont activ pe libris. Pentru fiecare comanda plasata pe site-ul nostru veti primi puncte de fidelitate in functie de valoarea comenzii, active in 4 zile de la livrarea comenzii. De exemplu, pentru fiecare de lei cheltuiti veti primi puncte de fidelitate a caror valoare este de 1 leu. Puteti vizualiza in orice moment numarul de puncte acumulate in sectiunea contul meu. Cu punctele acumulate puteti achita integral sau partial o comanda pe libris.

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The book has a lot of interesting tuff about body language For a grade schooler! Words may lie, but body cannot.

But these sort of people are few and far in-between. Unfortunately, most of the situations he used were from his encounters with his family, from his seminars and just general descriptions of a body language. That was quite disappointing.

The pictures seemed fake and quite cartoonish. He might be an expert how big of an expert he is on that is yet to be determined on reading people, but fashion guru he is not. Author trying to give an advice on how to dress to appeal or not too certain groups of people is quite funny and useless. Clothing has nothing to do with a body language. But in this book, it was irrelevant. Also consider that although you may deliberately want to use your attire to send a signal to one person or a group of people at a specific time and place, you may have to pass a lot of other people who are not as receptive to your message along the way!

Why talk about it in the book at all? It felt like the author was simply trying to fill up the book space. Funny thing: as I was writing this review, I had the book beside my Mac, for quotes, and noticed one funny thing about the book cover.

This made me think that although he wants to look like he is confidant, relaxed and open, the ankle on the knee indicates that he is creating a protective barrier between him and a reader. He is an Ex-FBI. It gave me "I really hope you like it" sort of vibe. That made me wonder how good of FBI agent he was.

If his book cover is anything to go by


Secretele comunicarii Nonverbale



Secretele comunicarii nonverbale - Joe Navarro



Secretele comunicării nonverbale – Joe Navarro | Recenzie


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