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The reason for this is that the USPS would prefer that you file your change of address online. You have to specifically ask for the form by name and number, and even then, it might be unavailable at any given post office on any given day. In section one, you check off if the move is for an individual, a family, or a business. In section two, you check if the move is temporary or not.

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This service can be permanent or temporary. Whether you will be residing at your new address for just a few months or you are making a long-term move, by filling out the Change of Address form your packages and mail can be forwarded to you. If the move is temporary, you can use this service for the time period of 15 days to 1 year by specifically stating so on the form.

After the first 6 months, you will be able to extend the service for another 6 months. A printable PS Form can be found down below. You need to have a credit or debit card and provide a valid email address.

This charge helps the USPS to verify your identity in order to prevent fraud, safeguard your personal information, and make sure you are the one who makes the change.

The card billing address has to match the address you are moving from or to. Other submission methods, like visiting your post office, are free. The USPS does not require a separate company to act as your agent to change your address. Instructions for PS Form You have three options to let the post office know about the change of your address if you want your mail forwarded to your new location: You can direct your mail to a new address by going to the USPS official website to change your address online with a few clicks.

This packet contains the hard copy of PS Form You need to fill it out or simply drop it into the letter mail slot inside the post office. Wait five business days to receive a confirmation letter at your new address. This option also requires identity verification, so make sure you have a credit or debit card at hand. If you want to change your mailing address for a short period of time, you can ask your local post office to change your address temporarily.

Additionally, they may be able to hold your mail for a time by reserving a box, for example, during your vacation, but this service is not available at all post offices; Complete the form fully and accurately in ink; The form requires you to state who needs the change of address an individual, the entire family, or a business , the date when the forwarding starts, your full name, old and new mailing addresses or PO boxes.

After that, you sign the form and write down the actual date; In case you want to make any changes to your change of address request or you want to cancel it, you will need the confirmation number indicated on the letterhead you received upon your initial application.

It can be done online or at the post office; The USPS will stop delivering mail to the old address stated on the form on the date stated on the form. You will begin receiving mail at your new address within 7 to 10 days from this date.


Download USPS Change Of Address Form PDF



PS Form 3575 "Official Mail Forwarding Change of Address Order"






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