Laddas ned direkt Recensioner i media "An invaluable resource and a great read. The different voices of many generations of modernists come alive in their struggles to shape themselves and their times. Rich, inclusive, and surprising. It is a critically conceived resource of great value, an indispensable source to professors and students of architecture and professionals interested in architectural theory. Christina Contandriopoulos was trained as an architect at Universite de Montreal Canada and practiced architecture in Montreal and Paris.

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Claude Bragdon from Architecture and Democracy Irving K. Pond from Zoning and the Architecture of High Buildings Hugh Ferris from The New Architecture Chicago Tribune Announcement of an Architectural Competition Lewis Mumford from Sticks and Stones Hugh Ferriss from The Metropolis of Tomorrow Buckminster Fuller from The Dymaxiom House Henry—Russell Hitchcock from Modern Architecture Alfred H.

Barr, Jr. Soviet Constructivism. Lenin from The State and Revolution Alexander Rodchenko from Slogans Aleksei Gan from Constructivism Moisei Ginzburg from Style and Epoch El Lissitzky from Element and Invention De Stijl and Purism. Theo van Doesburg et al from Manifesto 1 Le Corbusier from Toward an Architecture Le Cobusier from Toward an Architecture Theo van Doesburg from Towards Plastic Architecture Mart Stam from Collective Design Le Corbusier from The City of Tomorrow Expressionism and the Bauhaus.

Oswald Spengler from The Decline of the West Hans Poelzig from Address to the Werkbund Manifesto Work Council for Art Mies Van der Rohe from Skyscrapers Walter Gropius from International Architecture European Modernism — Giuseppe Terragni et al The Group 7 Ludwig Hilberseimer from International New Architecture Sigfried Giedion from Building in France Sigfried Giedion from Liberated Living Erich Mendelsohn from Russia—Europe—America Karel Teige from Modern Architecture in Czechoslovakia Totalitarianism in Europe.

German Bestelmeyer et al Manifesto of Der Block Albert Speer from Inside the Third Reich Francis Yorke from The Modern House Nikolaus Pevsner from Pioneers of the Modern Movement Richards from An Introduction to Modern Architecture Sigfried Giedion from Space, Time and Architecture Le Corbusier from The Athens Charter American Academic and Architectural Reforms. Joseph Hudnut from The Education of an Architect Lewis Mumford from Technics and Civilization Catherine Bauer from Modern Housing Buckminster Fuller from Nine Chains to the Moon Katherine Morrow Ford from Modern is Regional Gyorgy Kepes from Language of Vision John Estenza from Case Study Program Postwar Theory in the United States.

Philip Johnson from Mies van der Rohe Lewis Mumford from Status Quo Alfred Barr, Jr. Philip Johnson from The Glass House Harwell Hamilton Harris from Regionalism and Nationalism Richard Neutra from Survival for Design Louis I.

Kahn Order and Form Postwar Theory in Europe. Bruno Zevi from Towards an Organic Architecture Richards from New Empiricism Bruno Zevi from Architecture as Space Le Corbusier from Le Modular Reyner Banham from The New Brutalism Steen Eiler Rasmussen from Experiencing Architecture Richards from Contemporary Architecture and the Common Man Jacob Bakema, Aldo van Eyck, H.

Team 10 The Aim of Team 10 Part VI: Critiques of Modernism: — Death of the American City. Lewis Mumford from Prefabricated Blight Kevin Lynch from The Image of the City Herbert J.

Gans from The Urban Villagers Martin Anderson from The Federal Bulldozer Melvin M. Charles Abrams from The City is the Frontier Retreats and Utopianism. Yona Friedman from Mobile Architecture Archigram Manifesto Rachel Carson from Silent Spring Constantinos Doxiadis et al The Declaration of Delos Kenneth E.

Boulding from Earth as a Space Ship Ian McHarg from Design with Nature Buckminster Fuller from Utopia or Oblivion Critiques of Modernism. Joseph Rykwert from Meaning and Building Christian Norberg—Schulz from Intentions in Architecture Christopher Alexander from Notes on a Synthesis of Form Robert Venturi from Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture Aldo Rossi from The Architecture of the City Neorationalism and the IAUS.

Manfredo Tafuri from Towar She is currently completing her Ph.


Architectural Theory

Claude Bragdon from Architecture and Democracy Irving K. Pond from Zoning and the Architecture of High Buildings Hugh Ferris from The New Architecture Chicago Tribune Announcement of an Architectural Competition Lewis Mumford from Sticks and Stones


Architectural theory. Vol. 2, An anthology from 1871 to 2005

War, Aalto cast his net wide. Finlandia House , Aal- family, who despised nationalist extre- associated with Le Corbusier. She follows with harry francis mallgrave and office, to the more modern city of Turku an intriguing section on the political back- christina contandriopoulos with its predominantly Swedish culture. Preceded by Le Corbusier in , he Corbusier both lacked formal architectural was only the second architect with a solo Blackwell Publishing d The author traces his selection pp. By he second volume of Architectural in essays and articles.

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