The knowledge which is not applied, or which does not take you towards the light of wisdom and insights, will take you only to darkness and ignorance. It is never the knowledge that becomes hindrance in achieving what ever you want in your life; but the ignorance, which is the hurdle in living life the way you want to live, to achieve your desires and dreams. In practical observations and white working with scientific procedures of MahaVastu, what we found is, These are the myths in vastu which prove problematic; cause lots of confusion, thereby, making it impossible to apply the true knowledge of vastu. This knowledge is not new; it is with us from the last 12, years.

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For example, there is the constant repetition of Nothing is left open to the chance a fickle memory. If a king decides to being forgotten by send a message he is made to speak out all the details of it as he thinks them out.

The message is then given to the and again we have it repeated in the exact words messenger the king had formulated. The message is again repeated in full to the recipient, and if the first recipient is a door-keeper the message will yet again be repeated to his master.

But the phrase would be a useful guide or signal to the hearer of it of an oral recital. It would, of course, be easy to paraphrase these repetitions, tedious and puerile to the English reader. The compilers were not always satisfied with giving only one version of a legend or episode. Two and more versions are often found, sometimes following one another, sometimes far apart. In the former case the first will generally be in prose, and the others in verse. These different versions would, no doubt, on close study reveal a difference For example, of the two accounts in dates of composition.

Senart in his introductions to the three volumes. The latter quotes largely from Barth fournal des Savants. Further there is the work of B. References to the Mahdvastu are found in many extracts. In particular, E. Thomas The History of Buddhist Thought makes a valuable contribution to the study of the Mahdvastu and its place in the development of Buddhist doctrine.

A few words are necessary to explain the treatment adopted Even the general reader with no special for Buddhist terms. These words are therefore left untranslated and are not even commented on in the footnotes.


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