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Words: , Language: English. Published: October 21, Words: 88, Published: October 2, Words: 74, Published: September 25, Words: 44, Published: December 29, Words: 76, Published: October 25, Words: 28, Published: July 27, Words: 23, Published: June 4, Words: 27, Published: April 20, The straightforward mission gets complicated when both men claim Sunny, and each other.

Words: 77, Published: April 18, Words: 60, Published: February 19, He and his brother Gideon are in for a fight to protect the pack and their legacy, but will they be in time to save their mate?

Words: 25, Published: February 15, Carisma has done her best to avoid Ryder. Words: 24, Published: January 9, Words: 26, Published: November 8, The distance and solitude suit him.

After all, the less he cares, the less he hurts. Words: 30, Published: October 31, Published: June 22, Her royal heritage is her most closely guarded secret known only by her family.

Words: 86, Published: June 20, Their senses are sharper, finely honed. Nature has created the perfect predator. Welcome to the top of the food chain. Words: 34, Published: May 20, The last thing he expects on his arrival is to meet his mate. Words: 71, Published: May 9, Words: 89, Published: March 9, Words: 35, He let his wife go. If he can keep her alive. Words: 32, As president of the committee that governs the Elect he overseas everything from finance to security to keeping their existence hidden.

The Elect will not be exposed on his watch. Published: March 5, Words: 14, Published: February 26, His mates. Published: February 22, Unable to determine who the threat is, her boss insists she move into headquarters until things are straightened out. Then he calls the last person—and the only person—Ellen wants to see. Words: 41, Published: February 7, Always moving, her identity known to a very small few, she escapes a rogue and seeks assistance from the one werewolf she knows absolutely would never betray her.

Words: 20, Published: February 5, Zane Gray has been a lot of things, but his latest role is one he was born for—warrior-king of the Varangians. But he would give it up in a heartbeat if he could claim another title. Words: 78, Published: January 23, Published: January 22, His most trusted friends are gone, his Beta is convinced another werewolf stole his mate, someone in his pack is trying to steal his job, and his woman is on the run.

When everything comes to a head at once, the situation quickly escalates to deadly levels. Can he find the mysterious wolf before it endangers his new mate? Price: Free! Words: 22, With the pack to settle and a rogue wolf terrorizing the local population, threatening to expose their species, the last thing he needs is a mate further complicating his life.

What better way to finally escape them than join her friends and go to the stars with the Varangians? The stars have a few more surprises than she anticipated, however. Words: 53, Lots of them. Coming to Delroi and meeting two men who want her to break all her rules is not happening, no matter how tempting they are. Words: 59, Published: July 14, Words: 19, Published: May 6, Published: February 8, Dealing with a clan that is in disarray is easier than getting to know the woman who now stands at his side, however.

When they arrive on Delroi, they help Zola all they can but a ghost from the past almost kills her.


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