December 15, Art by Akila Yuki The Necromancer is a type of Sorcerer, who specializes in raising the dead and summoning creatures to do his bidding. The only Mage Clan who deal in necromancy are the Priests of Rathma. Believed to be one of the oldest clans, they are also largely misunderstood. The Priests of Rathma reside in a vast underground city beneath the Eastern Jungles, where they study and experiment with their magic. As a result, their years of research has given the Necromancers an understanding of the balance of all things, which they refer to as the Great Cycle of Being. By knowing their place in the world, the Necromancers do not fear death.

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It is because your summoned minions will fight or tank the incoming damage from the monsters for you. The chances for you to get hit by the monsters are almost nil. No matter what difficulty Normal, Nightmare, and Hell you are playing, the summoner build will breeze through the whole game with little difficulty, although it takes time and patience to do so.

Also, the summoner does not rely heavily on the uber equipment to beat the game. You can still complete the game with poor equipments, although the Uber equipments will increase your killing speed tremendously. Summoner Skill Build: As a necro summoner, the main skill that you need to learn and max it as soon as possible is Raise Skeleton.

Here are the lists of skills that you need to learn or max as summoner. Well, it is because this skill is invaluable when it reaches a certain level. A high-level corpse explosion can clear the whole enemies on the screen in no time. After all, it is not like you have other potential skill that worth to max once your maxed your Raise Skeleton and Skeleton Mastery.

As for the Dim Vision, this skill is a lifesaver, especially in the higher difficulty. It basically can shut down all the monsters from rushing toward you in the game. Extremely useful if you are fighting against a ranged monster or spell caster or any monster that can attack you from off-screen.

Revive is a good additional skill to learn. It will revive any monsters that you had slain to fight for you. The revived monsters have more HP and do more damage than your skeleton, especially if you maxed the Skeleton Mastery skill. It is because these revived monsters have terrible AI script and often get lost.

For the Raise Skeleton Mage skill, you may want to learn it once you completed your core skills. Skeleton mages are weak in the higher difficulty, but it can be a decent support in term of damage output for your armies. So, if you plan to learn Bone Spear or Spirit for additional damage for your armies, think it again. More HP, more survivability Energy: 25 Leave it at base. Energy stat is rather useless since all it can do is to increase your mana point. Consuming the mana potion is the best way for you to spam your skills.

The mana potion is extremely easy to come by. You can buy them unlimited from the NPC shop. There is no reason for you to invest your point into the Energy stat when you can invest it to other more useful stats. If you do not like to invest too many stats point on the Str or Dex, you can rely on the charm or equipment that give additional attributes.

Also, in v1. Remember, you can only do it once in every difficulty. Gameplay Strategy: I may have said that Necro Summoner are safe and easy to play, but there is a certain stage or level may trouble you.

But when it comes to the narrow areas such as Maggot Lair and Arcane Sanctuary, this is a hell for Necromancer. It is mainly because your minions are unable to travel the passage effectively; thus it will lead your minions or you to fight the monster in one-on-one.

So, you can expect to spend a lot of time when you are playing in these areas. You can regroup your minions through the town portal, but this does not really improve your situation a lot. In this situation, Decrepify curse is your best friend. Try to learn this before you try to engage any of them. With Decrepify curse, you can cut the bosses effectiveness by half. This will reduce their attack damage and slow their attack and movement speed considerately.

Combine with the Clay Golem, the boss monster is basically moving in snail pace and unable to land any blow on you or your minions. As for the mercenary, The Nightmare Offensive mercenary is your best mercenary that you can get. With his Might Aura, your skeletons will grow stronger and does more damage to the monsters.

It is not really surprising if your skeleton in the end game can do around 1, damage per hit with decent equipments.

If you are playing Ladder, you can access to one of the most powerful weapon for your mercenary. The weapon is known as Infinity. If you are playing normal difficulty, the best mercenary that you can get is the Normal Offensive mercenary. His aura will improve your minions hit rate. This will make your minions have an easier time to connect the hit on the monsters instead of missing a majority of attacks.

Although some people may prefer the Normal Combat mercenary since his aura can replenish the lost health for your minions. Once your character reached Lv48, it is the time for your summoner to shine. It is because you need to reach Lv48 in order to equip the Amulet of Teleportation. The teleport ability is invaluable. With a simple teleport, you can stack all your minions and revived monsters on the monsters that you want to kill. Instead of hitting any monsters that move randomly, your stacked minions will focus their attacks on a single monster.

This trick even works wonder against boss monsters. You can see the monster health dropping in an alarming rate. Rinse and repeat. Also, the teleport is also a good way to regroup your minions. Once you spent all the teleport charge from the amulet, you can recharge it by repairing from the blacksmith NPC.

The cost of recharging is extremely cheap. You can get the amulet from killing the monsters or gambling from the merchant. It is not necessary for you to get the Amulet of Teleportation to beat the game, but it definitely makes the whole thing fun. When it comes to normal monster battles, always cast Amplify Damage curse on them. Once you spotted there is a monster corpse, spam the Corpse Explosion skill until all the monsters on your screen is dead.

This means that Amplify Damage actually increase the Corpse Explosion damage. Not many monsters can withstand the continuous Corpse Explosion blast. This is an ideal place as the monsters in this dungeon are not hard, and they have a low amount of health compares to other optional dungeons. The Oblivion Knights can not longer cast Iron Maiden on you. The monsters are Lv85 as well. The only problem is that the monsters in the dungeon have ridiculous health amount, which might takes time to clear the areas if you are underpowered.

In the end of this dungeon, Diablo is waiting for you. In case you are not informed, the Act Boss usually has a better chance to drop unique items than the regular monsters.

It is mainly because the monsters in the Worldstone Chamber are tough to beat. The randomize monster placement is one of the reasons that make this area extremely hard for item hunting. You can easily get yourself killed at here.

If you are the type who loves the challenge, then you are welcome to hunt in this area. Baal is a Lv99 monster, which it means that he will gives you tons of experience points as a reward once you vanquished him.

Baal also has the chances to drop any high-end items from the game. VN:F [1.


Diablo II – Necromancer – Summoner Build Guide

Check the Automap and make sure you stay with your Minions. Sometimes Minions may warp in around you if you get too far away from them, although this does not always happen. Base life is calculated first and THEN add on the skeleton mastery life bonus. The Teleport skill is quite handy for for re-collecting your minions, as it instantly recalls all of your minions to your location in addition to its other effects.


LoD Blood Nova Necromancer Skills and Runes

Since the character has no other offensive skills beside Corpse Explosion , they have to rely on their Hireling and Golem to kill off the first initial monsters. Once MFmancer gets some corpses forming the most important resource for this character they can start growing an army. As the army grows the play becomes much less demanding as both you and your Hireling will be protected by the sheer amount of Skeletons moving across the field. It is important to note that though Skeletons do decent damage and greatly help even out the numbers when encountering enemies, they are NOT the main killing force for this character. The primary purpose of Skeletons is merely to provide protection for your Hireling so that they can kill everything. No matter how many Skeletons the player has, a well equipped Hireling will always be the one who deals the most damage, so it is essential that you keep them alive and safe at all times. Skeletons alone with their sheer number can of course kill off enemies as well, but your progress will be much faster with your Hireling intact.

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