Template:Linkfarm Living Campaigns are part marketing tool, part volunteer campaign settings , which allow people all over the world to play role-playing games in a shared universe. Contents [ show ] Overview Living campaigns are a shared campaign setting with a codified set of rules for the campaign that govern how to build and advance characters as well as how the campaign will handle rules elements of the setting. Campaign staff create, distribute, and manage new adventures in that campaign setting, and quite often administer a player database and promote various products. A living campaign lets players build and advance characters , develop their personalities, and forge relationships. Living campaign games are run at conventions, game days and other gatherings.

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His sensei requests your assistance in locating his student. And adventure for low-rank characters. Tournament detail copyright by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. This scenario is intended for tournament use only and may not be reproduced without approval of the RPGA Network.

A four-hour time block has been allocated for playing the game or In addition to the text of the adventure below, you will this round of the game , but the actual playing time will need to be familiar with the Legend of the Five Rings be about three hours. It is a good idea to ask each player to put a name tag in front of him or her.

Consult your This adventure is a Low Rank adventure. This convention coordinator to determine which method to means that only Rank 1 or 2 characters should be use: allowed to play. This adventure was not written with 1. No-vote scoring: The players write their names and Rank 3 to 5 characters in mind and cannot anticipate numbers on the scoring packet grid, you fill in the what these characters may bring to the table. That is all.

No one is rated. This method is used for people who are just playing for Low Rank indicates characters of Rank 1 or 2, Mid fun. Rank indicates characters of Rank 2 or 3, and High 2. Partial scoring: The players rate the game master Rank indicates characters of Rank 3 to 5. There will and the scenario on their player voting sheet, and also be Low-Mid Rank adventures.

The game master rates the scenario The world of Rokugan is a cross between feudal Japan and completes personal and event information, but and China.

It is set in an age of honorable samurai, does not rate the players as a team or vote for serving their Lords Daimyos and Empire. Remember players. This method is used when there is no that family names come before personal names. Akodo competition, but the convention coordinator wants Toturi is from the Akodo family and his personal name information as to how the game masters are is Toturi.

A note on female designations: If a samurai has the 3. Voting: Players and game masters complete the designation of —ko, then the samurai is a female.

For entire packet, including voting for best player. If this example, if you see Samurai-ko, then this denotes a method is used, be sure to allow about minutes female samurai.

A note on commerce in Rokugan: Samurai are not This method is used when the players want to know supposed to care about worldly possessions, especially who played the best amongst them, or when the money. Multi-round adventures usually required needs. When using Voting, rank the players in order of Background your voting choice while they are completing their forms, so that you are not influenced by their comments Doji Kajitani Fujizaka is a minor daimyo of the Crane on your abilities.

When he was just a child, an Emerald Magistrate named Kitsuki Akira ruined his family. The Kajitani The players are free to use the game rules to learn about family, who had been granted their name by the equipment and weapons their characters are carrying.

Emperor many years ago, were collaborating with the Some of the text in this scenario is written so that you Mantis Clan to smuggle gaijin pepper gunpowder into may present it as written to the players, while other text is Rokugan.

Text for the players will be in bold involvement and reported it to the Emerald Champion. The family name was Kitsuki Evidence Page 2 stripped away, leaving them just one more set of minor required to pay, but failing to do so is, once again, an Doji vassals. From that day forward, the young Doji act of ill manners. Fujizaka learned to hate the Kitsuki. Fujizaka found he had much in characters and get to know each other, move to Scene 1. Together, they hatched a plot to make that revenge a reality.

In return, Fujizaka would cover up their samurai-ko dressed in the colors of the Dragon Clan activities and help them convert their loot into koku. If the roll is 15 or better, the asking questions about missing samurai. Kit was already PC also notices that she is wearing the sash of an watching him, but had decided not to target him because Emerald Magistrate. Benjiro was kidnapped, questioned, and then Empire. I an in need of assistance, if you could be killed.

Kit spends a couple hours every day trying to open the box. He was recently honored with an appointment as Emerald Magistrate and was to meet me here before he began his duties. Benjiro is Introduction normally very prompt, but it is now two days past the Note: If there are any Emerald Magistrates in the party, time we were set to meet.

I fear some danger may have befallen him. The required elsewhere, in Lion lands, to continue my own fortunes have brought you together at a pleasant duties to the Empire. Nevertheless, I am concerned for teahouse, the House of the Sakura, each of you my student. As a personal favor, I humbly request traveling this way for your own reasons.

Benjiro never arrived. Kit abducted Benjiro here. Kitsuki Yumi is an honorable and rather idealistic Crane village: Nayamu-Wate. Benjiro was last Emerald Magistrate, and is truly worried for her seen traveling through here.

Border Village: Tamura- Tamura-Moro Yumi will be especially friendly to other Emerald As your group tops a slow rise, you can make out a Magistrates and appeals to their sense of duty. The village, nestled among many rice If the PCs agree to help her, she thanks them with a paddies, appears to be quite small, with only a dozen deep bow and shares all her remaining information. He is polite and humble, as befits a TN 10 to catch a glowering look from her, promising peasant, and offers to let the PCs use his house during an unpleasant future career among the Emerald their stay in the village.

Kinji and his family will Magistrates for this failure of duty. This can be averted, relocate to another residence to make room for the of course, if the PCs change their mind. If the PCs honored samurai. Everyone in the village cooperates ultimately refuse to help, the scenario is of course over. They can report that it has been weeks since the last samurai passed through their Once the PCs agree, Yumi can supply the following village, and that was a group of four traveling together, additional information: on horseback.

Before her duties called her away, either side look reasonably well kept, but the small she was hoping to trace backwards along the route castle to one side of the village has plainly seen better until she found where he was last seen. The village is much more lively, with peasant children playing in the streets while a group of women stand chatting at the central well.

At Scene II: The Search for Kitsuki the sight of your group they quickly gather up their Benjiro bundles and children, moving off to some unknown task. An older man, clean and try to mislead the PCs, but can be broken by well-fed for a commoner, approaches you and bows persistence he will only hold out so long before deeply.

I am honored to breaking down or by threatening his daughter have such noble guests in my establishment. Please, Risa, which brings almost immediate collapse. Once weapons, the innkeeper leads them to their table. There there, the peasants will seek to reassure the samurai are no other samurai at the inn. Although the room is of their loyalty and good will.

Some quickly get up Please spare us for our ignorance. His wife died years ago. They make every effort not to her trouble or get in her way. They do any kind in their village or the surrounding area, not realize that a samurai who was captured would but if the PCs are persistent, or act like they know be shamed into seppuku for such a failing.

Kitsuki Evidence Page 5 Ran have come to my shop in search of beautiful gifts. Kit came rolling into town as Ronin wave men do. She stayed for a Jo offers most standard items at the prices listed in the few days until she was granted an audience with L5R rulebook, but there are also a few unusual items for our lord Fujizaka, probably to offer her services.

She did not leave for at TN 15 will reveal that there are scarred blanks long. She returned the following spring with her where the family mon would normally be worked bandit gang, and began to harass the area.

The into the sheaths and hilts. She must ransom them back their families. I suppose the Dragon Jo cheerfully barters with the PCs and offer his services Clan is the richest of them all, because almost all with a smile. Sometimes they If the PCs start asking about Kit and the bandits, Jo will have managed to bring back property from her claim no knowledge on the subject, but he is obviously victims, however. Lord Fujizaka called himself Doji puzzle boxes, Jo tries to shrug them off as things after that, not Kajitani.

At they insist on it. They hope Kit can be captured and that point he will share everything he knows. Jo is selling The shop occupies an unimpressive building, its wood items for Fujizaka. However, inside the place is knows perfectly well that Fujizaka is selling the completely different. Polished wood gleams from the items for Kit.

If someone is able to detect if beams. There is an amazing selection of merchandise Jo is lying, he will dance around the truth while in the small room, all of good to excellent quality, and trying not to actually confess anything. After all, skillfully arranged to catch the eye.

From the back Fujizaka is his lord, and these samurai are passing emerges a rotund peasant wearing fine clothes and a strangers. If the PCs question the guards, camp. He will not personally show them unless he they can gain the following information: is bodily dragged out there.

They have incriminating, such as clothing. They have been able to of the Mantis clan. That may be because the the Emerald Champion before escaping. Of course, Jo will fervently sent out to deal with them.


L5R - Living Rokugan 01 - Kitsuki Evidence

Note this is just for the chat the Play by Post is of course a twenty four hour deal monday through Friday. I could not agree more. It would be downright tragic for so many useful and creative resources to be flushed down the internet drain. Miya — Title born by Imperial princes and princesses originally using the name of their residences e. Below are the modules to run it for your home game:.


Living campaigns

Official Pages Kickstarter is not a store. Does anyone either know where Campaigns1 and 2 are, or how I can get hold of them? Most of these supplements come from older editions of the RPG but can be easily converted:. This cert is then discarded. There are numerous useful resources posted to pbp game forums in their, well, resource sections. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. What is Heroes of Rokugan?



Edit In addition to the clans, a very powerful faction in Rokugan are the Imperial Families. The Emperor of Rokugan has no clan of his own, but he does have his own family, currently the Iweko family , and three families that served his interests directly: the Miya , the Otomo , and the Seppun family. The Imperial Families have no standing army of their own, though they largely control the Imperial Legions , which recruited soldiers from all the clans of the Empire. The Imperial Families are often smaller than the families of the Great Clans, but what they lack in numbers they more than make up for in sheer political influence. With the Emperor at their head, the Imperial Families are possibly the strongest political group in all of Rokugan. Lands Edit Rokugan was a rocky, mountainous land, surrounded by mountains on north, west and south sides and an ocean to the east.

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