Review jaime cross reviewed on Oct. I am so glad I stopped to read it. Lily of the Springs is a fantastic read. It was heartwarming, funny, heart wrenching and so many other emotions.

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If you follow my reviews you know Im all about the steam so if youre looking for a steamy s tale about love.

Look somewhere else. This book is all about Lilys journey through womanhood. Her becoming a wife And her weathering marital hardships. Her becoming a wife Her becoming a mother And her weathering marital hardships. There will be times when you want to stop reading. You will put this book down and walk away in pure frustration.. I know I did. But it was totally worth the read!

I will tread lightly in my review by not spoiling anything. Trust me a lot goes down in this book. A LOT. What I say in this review is just the tip of the iceberg.

Get rid of Nickerson, and go out with me. Lily is the second eldest of 5 children, and is an all around good girl. She gets good grades in school and refuses to have sex with her high school sweetheart until they are married. With big plans for her future Lily never expected to have her heartbroken at the end of senior year. And she does, after catching her boyfriend Chad with Pat Peaches, the school slut at a party. Everyone is discussing their plans for college and Chad was off with Pat-Peaches???

It was just the day before when they got in to a huge fight about her not being ready to have sex with Chad and now he is with Pat-f cking-Peaches. Later that same night Lily finds herself surrendering to Jake and ending up in a secret relationship that they keep going alllll summer long.

Hooking up with Jake during the summer now has Lily pregnant in the fall. Not only does she need to tell Jake, she also has to break the news to her very strict baptist parents. Even though Jake was reluctant..

But he did. Unfortunately marriage does not stop his womanizing ways. When Jake and his father get in to a heated fight his father has him enlist in the army. After some coaxing from Lily Jake gets a job and they move into their new home in a really nice neighborhood not to far from their hometown. Lily soon has a second daughter and still fights to keep her marriage.

And believe me his philandering ass does not make it easy. My Thoughts Honestly I hated Jake. I loved Lily but she was so naive to things and to acceptable of Jake and his crass behavior. He would make crude comments and often flirt with other women right in front of her.

It was hard to read so I could never imagine having to live through it. Overall -I really enjoyed how the author incorporated current events of history through out the story. So many things happened and you got first hand reactions from Lily as she lived through it.

This author touched on including race. Jake was pretty much a bigot while Lily on the other hand was not. I found it amazing how she never thought about race until it was in front of her, and even then she rolled with it. Color did not stop her from being a caring kind person she treated people equally.

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