Nikocage Your product might be in need of repair. Please try our search function first. Got one Set from each decade from s to s. All parts, placed into my old box. Lego has a service where you can order instrucrions bricks or contact them when a brick is missing from your set.

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Malaramar Lego bricks fit on the Duplo bricks with the hollow studs. Hi, Instrucctions is interesting, I have almost the same set, but in black, but it looks awfully similar, set — http: What is the best way to clean my Lego bricks? All parts, placed into my old box. Edited November 26, by fitzi. Openable cargo bay and moveable flaps. Anyone else try this? Whole build was quite fast giving the Age at 1,5 hours for the Alternate Step 13, only cockpit, wheels and tail to be done.

It fits tight in the hole and does not rotate easily. Electric parts can only be cleaned with dry cloth. Posted November 15, edited. Great huge plane and a two-seater. Posted November 16, edited. When the sticker is in right spot, let it dry and it will stick. What is the best way to apply stickers on Lego? After I build a new Lego set I always have a few small pieces left.

Give it a try and find your nearest location. Posted November 26, edited. Only disturbing thing no working rudder. Looks quite realistic for such an old technic set. Register a new account. Thanks for the review! The rare propellor, a prefabbed part, instrkctions quite unique 2. Posted November 23, Similar results or were you able to perform magic? For one thing, iinstructions is much smaller only half the size. Just after taking the pics, the Alternate was dismantled and all pieces back in the box, for building the plane.

Please try our search function first. The plane, has some sort of shuttle with two functions: Yes, Lego and Duplo bricks are compatible. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted November 20, edited. Alternate Model Tech-Fig a s guy, since instrructions original fig was lost and Step 1 of the alternate, which was a quite challenging built weighing in intsructions almost pcs and just 15 steps.

This is an awesome set, and one that I really wish I had. The model seen from above. Related Posts


Lego set 8855 Technic Propellor plane



LEGO Prop Plane Set 8855 Instructions


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