Tri Mates Cascadia Wolves 2 28 Lauren Dane She did notice the small, all-female contingent hovering around Gabe and pointedly ignoring her, but she tried not to let it bother her. Gabe was her anchor and hers on a level those skanks could never understand. Gabe watched her all evening. The light shone off her skin and hair and she seemed to glow with her happiness. Tracy Warden should be his, damn it.

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I love you. I want you too. Wanting the lovemaking to heal the rift. She was so pissed off and jealous. It affected him in a very primal way. She was a vicious little wolf and his wolf liked that. I happen to like long, lean, lithe women with tattoos and wicked tempers. The idea of him wanting Sarah over her was ludicrous. He was no fool. Nodding, he agreed. And the joining? I can punch her, though. And Ben would be left holding the bag and trying to figure out how to fix it all.

Plus, damn it, he wanted her in his Pack not Cascadia. He wanted to share his rank with her, wanted her in his family. For now, I have a suggestion. Chapter Three Gabe had been awake since five, when his dreams of Tracy Warden ended and his thoughts of her began.

He loved the whole concept of the anchor. He wanted her. Instantly, the sight and smell of her had shot to his gut. And admittedly, that was frustrating. If there was no mate bond, Gabe would have no problem whatsoever doing whatever he could to grab Tracy for himself.

His attraction to her, the depth and intensity of it surprised him. Shocked him even. She fascinated him. Wound her way into his brain in a way no other female ever had. The words just burst from him. He was a man who valued control and his attraction to Tracy made him feel out of control.

In the end, his decision was to roll with it. Because Gabe wanted to know Tracy more. Sure, it was attractive that she came from a very powerful and revered family. Being anchored to a woman as powerful as Tracy Warden brought his status up as a former human. Even though he was one of the most highly ranked werewolves in the country, her coming from such a powerful family mattered in werewolf culture.

Not even a small part. Having that connection to her made him warm inside. He smiled as his body tightened in anticipation.


Cascadia Wolves Series

I want to protect you. I need to. But there is this sliver of unease inside me at the thought of my mate with someone else. But she also felt herself slipping a bit as the time passed. Felt the encroaching dark place.


What am I going to do with you? Thanks, old woman. Quickly, she tossed her dirty dishes into the dishwasher before running to toss some clothes into a bag. Going to the door, she whistled. Nina was as goofy as the dog and they got along famously.


Tracy, I love you. I want you here with me, in my Pack, at my side. Tracy turned around to Sarah. First, I could not possibly care less if you like me or my eyebrow ring or how skinny I am. Certainly I would have preferred a warm welcome without fake smiles and pretending to like me in front of others. But whatever.


The woman clearly thought the whole thing was bullshit. It showed in her body language and the way she met his eyes. He liked that. Lex looked horrified and Tracy and Megan kept their gazes down so as not to laugh. Despite his normally calm demeanor, his heart sped up when he shook the hand of Tracy Warden. Made him wonder if anything else was pierced, and if she had tattoos. Gabe took her hand, led her over to the others and introduced her to Nick.

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