No tiene referencias. El pastor que no cumple con su deber de vigilancia ha abandonado la responsabilidad que DIOS le ha conferido y se ha convertido en un simple asalariado Juan Muchas veces yo mismo he tenido problemas a causa de esta actitud. No es coincidencia que Pablo hable del efecto fermentador del pecado 1 Corintios Son nuestra plomada, nuestra medida definitiva para todos los asuntos espirituales.

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Citing this, he learns that he must seek shelter on a mountain to escape the coming hordes of hell that are using both Christians and non-Christians to attack the church. Once upon the mountain, he attacks the hordes but then realizes he is being drawn to the top of the peak, and he becomes more sanctified with every new level he reaches.

Once at the top, he experiences what it is to worship God purely and without any hindrance. He later descends the mountain to help other warriors, which leads him to a room full of the treasures of heaven. Finally, his journey takes him to the halls of heaven and the judgment seat of Christ where he not only meets Jesus but also encounters the apostle Paul.

Christ then charges him with a new command to preach the gospel and gives him fuller insight as to what it means to be loved by God and to love Him more deeply.

THEME 1 One idea Joyner mentions is that faith is the recognition of who God is, and it becomes stronger when a person realizes that God is the only secure foundation that anyone can put their faith in. It is in this acknowledgment that one can go so far as to even doubt themselves and yet not fall into despair, because they can grow to fully rely on and trust God. Moses, Gideon, Saul, etc.

These men and several others had no other option than to depend on God who gave them true humility. In the New Testament also, Paul says repeatedly that righteousness comes by faith alone Romans ; ; Galatians When one realizes that faith must not be built on human wisdom but on God, it can lead to an emptying of the self in order for God to fill them with faith in Christ. This is what Joyner experienced at the end of his vision. Biblical faith is coming to grips with the fact we as human beings are absolutely incapable of reaching God, but because God is trustworthy, He has given us a way to him by simply believing and trusting in Him and His grace Eph.

And the entire New Testament is against the idea of works-righteousness apart from faith in Jesus. God has also shown Greg that there will be a physical battle.

Everything is spiritual, but it manifests through the physical. What God has shown Greg and Rick Joyner is the fact that this physical battle is going to happen! How do we prepare for this battle that is coming? One way is to pray and to spend time with the Lord. Also, we must be under someone in authority during this time.

Join a Church family where the leader, Pastor or Apostle, hears from the Lord and will lead you on the right path to be ready for this battle. Greg shares about the original program where he shared that there will be a physical battle on American soil. But he finally said prophetically that God showed him there will be a physical battle in America and as he said it the third time the power went out in the whole county where the VFNtv studio is located and the fiber optics for internet went out as well at the same time!

God was saying through this that He is warning us so that we can get right with God and be prepared for the physical battle. It is about getting right with God and being ready for the great harvest of souls that will be coming into the Kingdom of God. The Lord also showed Rick Joyner and Greg that people would be rushing our borders As people are infiltrating our borders in America, the spirit that is behind many who are pushing for the illegal immigrants to be allowed in our nation is demonic.

Allowing illegal immigrants into America is allowing those with evil intent under demonic influence to enter our country and bring harm to our citizens! Prior to this, he became the president of MorningStar Publications, located at that time in Charlotte, North Carolina by the mids. Moreover, by , Joyner showed up in news reports in regards to his investment in designs to fabricate a scriptural amusement park, specifically, with Reggie White, who had been ineffective in his endeavors to buy the Heritage USA amusement park property.

The ministry hosts multiple conferences annually, with Christians from across the country and globe attending. The organization owns Heritage Tower, a story building completed around and apparently never issued a certificate of occupancy. In addition, MorningStar Ministries has owned the building since , but, if neighbors are to be believed, has not made the effort to restore the building to use. For its part, the county council wants to demolish the tower. Rick Joyner Facebook.


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La Busqueda Final Rick Joyner



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