Nov 23, Rebecca rated it it was amazing This book has honestly changed the way I look at my health and healthcare. I feel my eyes have been opened and I feel empowered. I wish I could convince all of my loved ones to read this book. If I could pass on a single lesson of this book it is that your health is your responsibility and no one should blindly follow what any doctor tells you.

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Print Dr. Michael Galitzer is my personal western trained, alternative, integrative anti-aging doctor. He understands it all; how to balance hormones, how to strengthen the weakest glands and organs, how to strengthen the body to prepare it for fighting cancer or tolerating conventional therapies, and how to prevent getting cancer in the first place through lifestyle and dietary changes coupled with anti-aging therapies which he provides at his office in Santa Monica California.

Most of all he is a compassionate and caring man. He is brilliant in his instincts, is a proponent of the triad: body, mind and spirit all working together towards the goal of optimal health and happiness.

He has been one of my great teachers. How differently do you deal with both types of patients in order to help them get well? When traditional medicine diagnoses a tumor, whether it be by mammogram, MRI or a CT scan, whatever the diagnosis… it is important to understand that you have time… it is not necessary to start therapy the next day. The stronger the patient gets the more likely they are to do well with the therapy given in terms of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Most cancer patients are depressed and frightened at the possibility of dying, then on top of that they are given treatments that usually weaken the body and unfortunately this combination is a recipe for disaster. Suzanne Somers: Are you a proponent of integrative medicine only, or are you open to patients like me who want to do everything alternative? And just to put you on the spot…Who do you think has the better shot?

Michael Galitzer: Who has the better shot? If the patient believes chemo is going to help them, then most likely it will. I truly believe the first key is to respect the belief of the patient. Having your doctor work with you is so very helpful. Finding alternative western doctors such as yourself has been a godsend for me. Chemo when coupled with integrative medicine is going to allow most patients to feel safe, and that alone is healing. Then there are patients like you who see chemo as the poison devil.

Suzanne Somers: I do. The whole idea of putting chemical poisoning inside my body is and never will be an option…. I really believe we have all the tools to support any patient doing any sort of allopathic or alternative treatment. Suzanne Somers: I agree with that, but I have to say in learning about cancer and writing this book there just do not seem to be that many cancers that respond to chemotherapy and also they are not doing chemo sensitivity tests in this country.

So my friend just did chemotherapy for 4 or 5 months and did very poorly…total body degradation. Suzanne Somers: What I have learned writing this book is that cancer appears to be manageable; that we can live with cancer whether the approach is integrative or alternative? So, specifically what does building up actually mean? Toxicity accumulates over time whether it be nutritional toxicity, emotional, physical, or environmental.

Over time, these toxins deplete respiratory enzymes in the mitochondria, or energy factories within the cell, resulting in an inability of the cell to utilize oxygen. Healthy cells utilize oxygen to create energy. But with cancer, instead of utilizing oxygen, cancer cells revert to a primitive way of creating energy by fermenting sugar. Once you ferment sugar, you create lactic acid, which makes the acidic condition of the body even worse. Now you have produced even higher levels of acidity and toxicity within the body.

Suzanne Somers: Is this called Anaerobic metabolism, and does this result in decreased cellular energy production? Michael Galitzer: Absolutely. You got it. Anaerobic metabolism is occurring.

So what do you do at this point? You want to limit sugar intake; this is vitally important. No sugar for any cancer patient. Number two: you must increase the oxygen supply to the cell. Suzanne Somers: How do you do that? Michael Galitzer: We know the more toxic you are the thicker your blood and all cancer patients have thick blood.

Cancer patients have enormous amounts of toxicity, and they have very thick blood. The thinner the blood blood should flow like wine as opposed to ketchup , the more nutrients and oxygen can get to the cells. Exercise is crucial in order to increase tissue oxygenation…. The Budwig diet has been a mainstay in a lot of therapies that have not been talked about, and you can look it up on the internet, where you can find more information about this diet.

Suzanne Somers: What exactly is it? You mix them together and then you can put them in a blender with berries or nuts. No peanuts. Suzanne Somers: How often would one take this? Suzanne Somers: Okay I always need to know…. Why do I want to take this? Michael Galitzer: This combo gets to the cell membrane, increases the oxygen level in the cell and can also cause increased cellular energy production.

Some people feel that the you can reduce body acidity by ingesting alkaline water, and by increasing your intake of vegetables. But the best way to reduce total body acidity is to get the cells to make more energy or ATP.

Once the cells make more energy the acidity of the body goes down. Suzanne Somers: Cottage cheese and flaxseed oil appeals to me. Cottage cheese and flaxseed oil will be laughed up just like coffee enemas are laughed at.

Why is there such a disparity between what you guys are doing and what the orthodox docs are doing? Michael Galitzer: All doctors want to help people; whoever they are, and whatever therapies they are administering, they truly believe in those therapies. Doctors, number one, are very bright people. So Oncologists have so much to do. They have so many patients; they need to be abreast of the latest drug therapies in oncology; they have to read all the monthly oncology journals, and attend all the important oncology conferences.

And I think that is a flaw in the medical system. Suzanne Somers: What do you mean? Michael Galitzer: All doctors need to be aware of Integrative Medicine. At present, the medical system is a study of disease. Integrative Medicine sees disease at one end of the spectrum, and health at the other end. Most people are in the middle. Fatigue is not a disease, nor is insomnia; but these symptoms are certainly not signs of good health.

At the same time, one often sees problems within the body microcosm as reflecting problems within our society macrocosm. So what do you do? Obviously not. Obviously you want to rehabilitate them, and you want to educate them. The enemy is a toxic weakened body that is energy depleted, and which has allowed the cancer cells to multiply. The next question that we should ask is how do we strengthen the body?

Suzanne Somers: Burton Goldberg talked about hyperthermia as a treatment for cancer. Do you support that and what exactly is it? Cancer cells are more susceptible to heat than the cells in the body. Temperatures of degrees will kill cancer cells. In Germany hyperthermia is combined with lower doses of chemotherapy and radiation to effectively kill cancer cells, while causing much less harm to the body.

When I was an intern, I could rotate through the subspecialties at the hospital and my last subspecialty was cancer. I found that every cancer patient had a body temperature of about 94 or 95 degrees F when normally it should be This was consistent with every cancer patient. In putting things together I realized that if everyone with cancer has a low body temperature then maybe high body temperature would prevent cancer. I was 26 and trying to figure this out and I was so enthusiastic.

Its premise was that in a state called Hyperthyroidism, in which the body temperature was elevated, cancer could not exist. Then he looked at people that had very high fevers in childhood, and he found in those whose temperatures got up to degrees, they never got cancer. This has always been one of the treatment modalities that has been found to be useful in cancer patients.

It is known that the closer your resting body temperature is to Think about it, if there are spontaneous remissions in cancer patients, obviously the body has some way of producing something that takes care of the cancer.

So the big question is, what can we do to deal with this situation naturally? So the first thing that an Integrative Physician would do in the treatment of a cancer patient is to strengthen the body before the patient is to undergo surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

We would use the same anti-aging approach as we would to prevent the develpment of cancer. Gary Gordon who you know pretty well Suzanne, came up with a program called FIGHT as a way of preventing cancer and preventing all illnesses. This author proved beyond a doubt that you could eat a vegetarian diet and do very well and stay healthy.

Michael Galitzer: Absolutely, but in this country we eat too much animal protein and too much animal protein causes too much cellular acidity. So nutrition and supplements are vital. I- is for infections.


Knockout by Suzanne Somers

This is a non-toxic nutritional supplement that contains palladium, and takes kills cancer cells while it spares normal cells. Gonzalez uses high dose pancreatic enzymes along with a detailed nutritional supplement program. Gonzalez has had considerable success with cancer remissions in advanced cases, especially pancreatic cancer. Forsythe for example, was set up by a rogue FBI agent who posed as a patient asking for growth hormone.



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