KIPOR has the right generator to meet your power needs. KIPOR — the best choice in portable power. Outstanding serviceability and reliable performance in a simple, easy-to-use design to make Kipor generators the best choice in portable power. Kipor Digital Sinemaster Generators provide clean and quiet portable power. These compact and lightweight generators are the perfect match for all your requirements, when you want all the conveniences at home, worksite or for leisure. The pure sinewave generators can run sensitive electronic equipment.

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This post is also available in: Русский Russian Georgian Georgian Ukrainian Ukrainian KIPOR generators are one of the leaders on the world market of power plants, recognized worldwide due to their reliability, high-quality performance, innovative technologies and long service life.

The model is made on an open steel frame, which contributes to more efficient cooling and easier access during maintenance.

Rated power is 8. The generator is equipped with built-in large wheels, which provides additional convenience when moving it. Thanks to the built-in stabilizer and electronic control, the generator produces an ideal voltage that is compatible with all electrical appliances. This type of generator is widely used primarily for medium and large country houses, used during construction or installation work, as a backup power supply for cottages, cottages, trade pavilions, medical institutions.

It is used to work with all household and professional power tools, the starting current of which does not exceed The generator tolerates low air temperature and relative humidity well. All KIPOR generators have overload protection, a special electronic system shuts off the current supply when the permissible load is exceeded and informs with an LED indicator. At a distance of 7 meters, the Kipor KDE12EA3 diesel generator has a noise level of about 85 dB; — it is equipped with a new digital control panel, if necessary, the station can be automated set automatic reserve input , has 2 AC sockets for V, 16A and a power output for three phases.

There is an automatic shutdown of the generator during an overload and an emergency stop of the engine due to low oil level and overheating. In addition, there is a running line on the monitor screen when a fault occurs with an error code.


Kipor KDE12EA3 Manuals

Utilizarea in exterior a generatorului Kipor KDE 12 EA3 se face intr-un loc uscat si curat, la umbra evitandu-se astfel lumina directa a soarelui. De asemenea, generatoarele Kipor de uz general beneficiaza de un panou de control modern, cu volnetru, circuit de protectie, indicatori optici de stare si redresor pentru 2 V curent continuu. Panoul de control prezinta functii precum pornirea si oprirea generatorului, precum si monitorizarea starii de functionare a generatorului. De asemenea prezinta caracteristici precum pornirea si oprirea generatorului manual de la distanta, masurarea datelor, alarme si protectie. Curent de calitate: sistemul AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator limiteaza fluctuatiile curentului de iesire si ofera protectie la suprasarcina, oprind automat generatorul si evitand astfel avarierea sistemului.


KIPOR KDE12EA3 дизельный генератор

Our aim is to provide a high-quality generator set to achieve customer satisfaction, and we are confident that your choice will be justified. This manual provides correct installation, usage and maintenance instruction and gives all basic information to ensure satisfactory and reliable operation of our unit. Main Technical Specifications and Data 2. Preparatory Steps for Operation 3. Safety procedure for Servicing 4.

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