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This book, which includes the first three volumes of the original six-volume series, is an ideal introduction to classical guitar playing as well as to Latin American guitar music. Text written in English and Spanish with French and German translations in an appendix at the back of the book. I have tried several method book. This has to be my favorite one. What I like about this book.

Truly progressive teaching style. Every new lesson comes with a new technical difficulty and is well explained.

Nice melody. Very complete fingering plan. Including left hand fingering and right hand fingering. It tells me when I need to use rest strokes and free strokes. This is very benefical for me to develop those skills consistently and give me the idea of bringing out the main note from an early stage.

This is an awesome lesson book By Jpsully on Aug 03, I have finally made it to the third set of lessons in this book. I can not even estimate the number of hours I have spent in front of this one book. I can not wait to finish the 3rd set of lessons but that will be next year some time if I stay diligent. I was a very amateur guitar player when starting this book. So it may not be the same for everyone. But each lesson progressively increases skill in different areas.

My goal would be to site read and play music automatically when I finish with this book. There are a few users of this book publishing their playing of these lessons on You Tube which helped me immensely on the first lesson book. I also have seen quite a few posting from the second lesson book. Not so many from the third lesson book so I guess I will be on my own there.

Maybe if I get good enough I will begin posting the third lesson book myself. I was a bit discouraged to hear there is a lesson in another book.

If I make it through lesson 3 by this time next year I would consider that a huge accomplishment. It is averaging about a page a week for me. I am not sure I would even want to tackle anything furhter but we will see how I feel this time next year about it. Nice collection By Rambo on May 18, Very nice collection of music. I often go back to these books for the music. Simply the BEST!!!!!!! By Ivan L. It was perfectly designed and this enjoyable teaching method makes anyone love classic guitar.

The pieces are carefully graded from easier to harder, they sound good and are reasonably varied in style, and there is a short note before each piece explaining what is being taught through the piece. There is lots of music here: the pages are packed with music. The spiral binding makes it easy to use.

A final nice aspect of the book is that the personality of Sagreras comes through in the forward and the notes. Good solid guitar instruction book By P. Kirkpatrick on Sep 16, Overall this is an excellent classical guitar resource. I am a guitar tutor and recommend it to those of my students who want to learn classical guitar.

Its main strength is the large body of carefully graded music. It assumes no prior guitar knowledge eg, Ex. However it could do with an introduction explaining how to read the sheet music. There are detailed symbols for strings and fingerings, but again they may be confusing for a beginner guitarist.

But once you get going, the music resources are excellent. Sagreras method By Margaret on Mar 21, At first the book seemed elementary, but theres a metod in his madness. It prepares one quickly by repetition for advanced techniques of intonation and emphasis. It trains the individual finger nerve pathways for increased dexterity. It goes from simple to complex with very little in between. So study the first sections well and proceed slowly with maximum control. By Guitarlover on Jul 13, I am so thrilled with this compilation of guitar lessons Books The lessons start with the absolute basics and get progressively harder.

Instructional text is in both Spanish and English. By working through this material one will gain skills in sight reading, right and left hand technique, rhythm, phrasing, dynamics, etc. The book is packed with very musically pleasing pieces composed by Julio Sagreras himself. It is spiral bound and printed on good quality paper.

I love the book and I highly recommend it for both the beginner and the more advanced player. If you get it you will be doing yourself a favor.

The lessons are truly progressive, and musical ideas are pursued in a manner so logically and palpably coherent that even the beginning or self-taught guitarist can follow them without recourse to outside guidance. Most of the studies have a singular beauty such that the guitarist feels compelled to continue practicing and polishing them long after they have been first successfully completed.

The volume is also spiral bound!! Sagreras was meticulous in his style. He provided an immense level of detail for the student, leaving nothing to chance. The pieces build technique with a very steady, methodic progression.

I highly recommend this series for anyone who is a serious student of the classical guitar. Awesome book! By Dan on Dec 14, This book has a really nice progression of difficulty between each advancing piece. I started this at the beginning of my second year of playing though could have started earlier. I practice around hours a day. I am very pleased. By Bennett P. Lacy on Nov 17, This volume contains the first three books. Because it is a modern printing, it is much easier for students to read than a facsimile, but a few of the notes have been changed.

Consequently, some of the exercises are easier to play. Overall, I am very pleased. Gold standard for classical guitar By Joanna D. They are a classic and one of the most frequently used books in classical guitar technique. There is also an advanced book My instructor had me get this after about a year and a half of study to improve technique and also to practice sight reading.

Each piece presents a particular technical challenge and there are notes to guide the student about the tricks and trouble spots you will run into. For example, I pulled out Lesson 49, a simple melody with a repeating top note that is accented using the "A" ring finger in the right hand. I have trouble making this finger sound like the others and creating a good tone. It tends to get shrill. Many of the studies are decent on their own as performance pieces, such as 75 in A minor, 79 in E major, 82 in E minor, 84 in E minor, and 85 in C major in Book 1.

The text is in English and Spanish with French and German translation in the back. You can find these in PDF format all over the internet, but the spiral bound book is worth the trouble. It compiles the studies and stays put on the music stand.

Outstanding book for the serious learner By Ananth on Sep 29, This collection is meticulous and well crafted, and a great resource for a serious student. The lessons are well planned and organized. The studies are great for developing technical ability, and at the same time sound great as individual pieces.

The progression of the studies is very well thought out. They expose the student gradually to different styles and rhythms, scale changes, and playing techniques. The studies revisit concepts in subsequent lessons under different contexts and in more difficult arrangements, continually improving the player.

The quality of the music encourages the learner to not simply play the notes robotically, but to explore the piece musically. The sequence of lessons also helps improve sight reading. I highly recommend this book as a core resource for your guitar study.

Good learning tool By Kathy In Colorado on Aug 01, I am using this book plus my guitar teacher to learn to read music and play classical guitar. So far, it is a good learning tool. The lessons are progressive and well thought out with much to be learned from each. The lessons are not simple, single focus exercises but take some time to absorb the content.


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