So, instead of stressing about what to cook outside using your Jetboil backpacking stove or how much time you have to eat before getting to your activities, join the make-ahead gourmet food bandwagon for super easy and super delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners! Have a Jetboil, and maybe a small frypan with a Jetboil Pot Support? Well, you have an outdoor trailside gourmet kitchen that fits in a pack. Caramelize some sliced apples with brown sugar and then pour over the batter and cook until golden yummy, then freeze the pancakes. Snag a HalfGen portable and modular backpacking stove system and be gourmet-ready! Nothing is better than that.

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Is the MiniMo going to be made in red like the MicroMo? There are no plans for this year but we are continually added new fresh looks on a yearly basis, We will relay your interest to our product development team and appreciate you reaching out! Do you have a chart or some other comparison tool? Asked by: Mike25 Hi Mike, Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention.

I can assist you with the differences The Flash burner has one setting, it is designed for boiling and is the fasted to do so at seconds. The Flash cup is a 1 Liter Tall. The Mo burner can also be used for boiling and does it at seconds but it has the ability to simmer, as well.

The only difference there is with the MiniMo and MicroMo is the cup size. I hope this helps. Answered by: Customer Service Support Date published: Is it possible to store the fuel canister inside this kit? Asked by: Cliff Hi Cliff, Thank you for reaching out and thanks to our existing customer for the great feedback!

The MiniMo cup is designed to fit the Burner, Stabilizer and g fuel canister. I hope this helps! Answered by: Customer Service Support Date published:

70-515 LATEST DUMPS 2013 PDF

Looking for easy recipes for jetboil

Shelf-Stable Cheddar Cheese Bacon Bits or shelf-stable Bacon Heat the desired amount of water to boiling for the amount of grits you want via the directions on the packet. Stir in grits and then add cheese and bacon and stir till combined. Boil bag in water till egg is cooked. Measure out desired amount of instant mashed potatoes and appropriate amount of water, combine and let sit for a minute or so. Combine all ingredients together. Lunch 1 can cooked white meat chicken Shelf Stable Parmesan Garlic powder Instant Mashed Potatoes Dump your chicken into the JetBoil without draining it and heat till warm, stirring while the burner is on. Add the appropriate amount of water for the mashed potatoes and heat.


Our Best Make Ahead Camping Meals and Backpacking Recipes


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