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I have read a book by him, and am finally so pleased to get acquainted with his biography. An article explains how something so despised such as interest could be justified and even institutionalized as a standard. Jamaal, jazakAllah Kheir for giving us the oppourtunity to talk to you. As always, you can either register at http: Furthermore, he has discussed many issues that are not greatly discussed in the English literature, such as the rules concerning bequests and endowments.

The Nine Conditions of the Testimony of Faith. Jamaal Zarabozo — Books Amazing someone would give an advice like this. Again, I hope to see you all again very shortly. Actually, one of my brothers did embrace Islam after me.

Im mean jajal, hands down. Post it in the appropriate topic brother or a new topic altogether as this one is about Shaykh Jamal Zarabozo. What was your path towards knowledge? I would really like to know how did he learn Arabic without traveling overseas. But it lasted for 8 years, and in the end it became a bit too much for me, as I got involved in other projects. January 10, at Alhamdolillah brother this all due to Allah and the people who spoke out and made them aware of their mistake in not doing Taqleed.

I ask you all to make duaa for the brother and his family who work on the website, as he suffered a rather serious injury. It always inspires me to think of the good that he has accrued by spreading knowledge to so many people in his career; I pray that I can follow in that tradition and inspire others to love knowledge just as he inspired me to do so.

I had my own company called Basheer Publications, through which I used to publish a journal every alternate month. Alhamdu lillah I had the chance of studying with shaykh Jamaal and the experience was awesome! He has a bachelors degree in economics from the university of California at Berkeley, and a masters in economics from the university of California at Davis.

Jamal converted over thirty years ago in California, and taught himself Arabic in order to better access classical works.

It has to do with, first, the religion of Islam as preached by the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him zzrabozo and, second, with the honor and rights of an individual Muslim, Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhaab. Only people well grounded in their Madhab and rulings should seek to listen to him in that regard.

In addition, there are a few other projects that I am working on, but they have not reached a state of completion, as I need to find a publisher for those works. What else do you need to know about him? January 11, at The youth nowadays are largely second generation Muslims who are very different from the earlier generation of youth, and so the challenges are very much different.

Wa jakumullah u khairan. He also shows the prerequisites of the sincere repentance which is between the person and his God without a mediator. I was so inspired by such an academic figure that it literally changed the course of my life. I could not believe the amount of knowledge he seemed to exude — hardly a question was asked except that he was aware of scriptural references related to it, and the opinions of various classical scholars about the issue.

Umar Al-Ashqar, a well-known contemporary scholar of Islam, has attempted to tackle two important topics. Q If you have, do you recommend it for English speaking Muslims who study comparative fiqh? Hence, we will have to move to one of classrooms for those classes. I first met Sh. Playing the difference of opinion games. I had never met anyone like him even though, like most teenagers at the time, I had attended jamzl a few lectures of leading Islamic figures in North America.

Interview with sh. Jamaal Zarabozo An attempt has been made to be as concise as possible, but with the hope that the reader will be encouraged to study Islam in more depth.

One of them is that the devils are known to be liars. Actually I did not travel overseas zaragozo acquire knowledge. Related Posts


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