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It is the most important subject which must be understood if you are to change anything for the intent is world domination--surprisingly enough--along with Israeli involvement. The Russians are absolute masters at creating, controlling and marketing to the West their own opposition. Opposition to most human endeavors will arise in time, but if you own it, it will never be a real threat to your enterprise--and it may be able to choke out legitimate opposition.

Nothing in the Soviet Empire happens by chance, by accident or by turn of fate. There is a well-defined plan and purpose behind all significant events in the USSR just as there now are the same intent behind everything your government in the U.

Current Soviet developments are far more easily understood if the Soviet Union is seen as the giant theater which it represents, and the present upheaval as scenes or acts in the drama. This holds true for all locations, factions and nations within the nations of the globe but at this point we are directing attention to the USSR so allow us to go forward without distraction.

We uphold the historical justness of the great ideas of Marxism-Leninism, and along with all the revolutionary and peace loving forces of mankind, stand for social progress, and peace and security for all nations.

This is what should determine the resolute nature of our propaganda. This life-long hardcore Marxist-Leninist was Minister of the Interior for the Republic of Georgia from to over the secret police, border guards and all internal security forces i. Suave, sophisticated and handsome in appearance, Shevardnadze has been suggested by such establishment publications as the New York Times and London Economist as the next head of the United Nations--to replace Javier Perez de Cuellar.

Here, if they decide to write Gorbachev out of the script, which is exactly that which is planned as soon as the U. Shevardnadze has been well packaged for Western leaders and the public as a democrat and lover of freedom by his Kremlin disinformation handlers. What a bunch of you-know-what! In , at the age of 30, Yeltsin joined the Communist Party. At that post, the hard-driving Yeltsin was noticed by the communist leaders in Moscow.

In April he was elevated to head of the Communist Central Committee Construction Department, and in December,, was appointed head of the 1. He has since assumed near dictatorial powers in case no one has noticed. It was totally incredible and shameful as they unfolded the stupid nonsense and worse, you ones ate it up like a child in a candy store. Had the position already been in place, Yeltsin would have been instantly promoted to dictator of the entire world and accepted immediately by you-the-planetary citizenry.

And all of this is the result of a wise collective brain, titanic work, unbreakable will, and the unsurpassable organizational talent of the Communist Party and its Central Committee and Politburo Under the leadership of the Central Committee, our Party and the state have actually continued to lead in the hard rebuttal of the aggressive machinations of imperialism i.

Yeltsin is right now purging hundreds of thousands and will purge millions, of bureaucrats, aparatchiks, and the Nomenclatura the privileged ones --not to terminate communism, but to accelerate its thrust toward world domination. Yeltsin is NOT against Gorbachev, nor against communism. I promise you that these new parties will actually end up being totally anti-free enterprise, anti-capitalist, and hardcore Marxist-Leninist which is solid socialism in its worst form but will use all the terminology of the free markets, democracy, etc.

It helps to understand the plot, to understand the position and relationship among the actors, as well as the intended influence or impact upon the audience--the world. Nothing in the Soviet Union is accidental: the words, the stage, the violins, or the plot. The three actors just described are all reform minded, liberal Marxist-Leninists and are all on the same side to accomplish the ONE goal. It is unfolding right in front of you and most do not even question the matter.

Many distorters are lined up on the home fronts to occupy the news slots and cause you to forget all about such a thing as a Russian coup. You simply readily pour more wheat into their silos and leave yours empty. What is the ultimate goal? To convince the West that communism has collapsed--in two years yet! It is to cause you to actually believe that democracy has arrived in the USSR and that all of the Russias are brotherly, honorable and eligible to get on the World Bank IMF dole awards list at all cost to you who aid and abet their cause--i.

Deception, on the other hand, is often justified by the goal. I will however, enter herein a copy of a letter which has been sent to a dear friend who has great abundance of funds and efforts to handle them properly but is fearful of ALL methods of possibilities, especially is she in fear of credibility of the FDIC and ability to cover bank deposits.

Do NOT ask me and waste of our precious time if you have no real interest in the input. Start with the liars and then you save your time also--even if you do lose your shirt.

That way, you will have less to regret in the long haul. Dharma, please just copy the letter omitting pertinent identifying information just written by Oberli to my beloved one in Florida. For bankers this tends to create a favorable image and maintain a good relationship with those people who serve us most efficiently. We do not, however, allow any money to come to rest in any bank account until it has been first invested in gold and the gold used as collateral to borrow the money which is then put in the bank temporarily until we can get it invested in a project, hopefully a project that will not only survive in hard economic times but will either provide profit or a barterable commodity.

The benefit of this is that the economic collapse or emergency conditions that create havoc with banking should result in much higher prices for the gold which can be either sold or, depending upon advice, further leveraged to obtain more money to use in the projects including printing and audio taping and translating.

If the gold is to be sold it can be done through the banks that hold it as collateral and the money brought back into the corporation bank account with greater assurance than is likely for an individual, or even a corporation operating alone, i.

You are quite right about the FDIC, especially in an economic collapse or emergency game. But that might not come right away. The point is: the Fed, with the cooperation of other cartel banks, can sustain the bubble for a lot longer than we might think if it is in their best interest. Right now it appears there is pressure from both Russia and Israel to keep it going a bit longer, albeit ever teetering on the edge of disaster every day.

The solution to your situation would seem easy enough. Ordinarily, at this point the Institute is responsible for the funds pursuant to the Notes and uses its own discretion as to the best use of the funds and which project accounts in which to disperse them.

As things tighten down we must get information to you as rapidly as possible and you can formulate your own further questions. Thank you. I need to know as quickly as possible about space available in the paper for further outlaying of the Soviet situation. I have approximately six to seven additional pages in calculation necessary to finish this portion of the matter in clarity. We will do the best we can and I will work any way possible to fit either or both to your needs.

Hatonn to clear the circuit. So be it--God shall determine far better than can we who have limitations upon our service. First, I am requesting that the name of the paper be changed to reflect more pointed direction. It may seem illogical at present but will be recognized for its purpose as we move along through the ensuing months.

Oberli, please incorporate the label. My first gratitude this day is to John Coleman who is hearing me loud and clear and responding in kind. You are children of the lie for long generations and you must see beyond the prattlings laid forth by your would-be Kings or you shall never find freedom upon the planet. The Constitutional Law Center is now operational and on the yesterday we had council and as quickly as the ones who will direct get back to us with information, we will present it gladly on the front page of this publication.

These ones will come with an additional 25, names for receiving information. I believe, dear ones, that we will need to move to two presentations, at least, per week in the near future for we still do not have space for all the information flow. At some point we need to combine resources with other publications for so much valid information is reaching such a restricted audience.

No, it is a Khazarian publication and you will find that Khazarian leaders are inputting more and more manipulated information.

The author in point with John is a matter in point. This is a feminist activist and although much of her work is good, it is NOT what we are about. You need no other for all the protections as included through your Bill of Rights are sufficient cover for all.

When ones start building platforms based on any other input or personal desires for self or groups--RUN--in the other direction. I urge Bo Gritz to consider this most carefully for he is set up as a tool.

These ones throughout that entire organization are totally controlled. The Editor is Khazarian and the entire publication moves to unbalance in projection.

Any and all may support anything that they wish or choose--I will not support it however. Your Constitution, based upon Godly behavior and the Laws of God as laid forth, even though crudely, is sufficient. It is far too easy for a patriot to become a chauvinist, which means a patriot to the point of total fanaticism right or wrong.

So be it. When you watch news programs what do you think? Next, comes announcement of moving the first shipments of toxic nuclear waste into the receiving center in New Mexico only to have a statement 15 minutes later that the project has been stopped for further investigation. It has only been in investigation for a decade so what else is new except robbery of your bank accounts?

The orchestration is to end up with total control of all property but, moreover, it is to add billions of dollars to the court system and the larders of the attorneys in the fray. There are millions of similar to this case in litigation being handled in the same manner with postponements and continuations into infinity to allow for milking the agency and you, totally dry. It is up to you that which you will do about it but I suggest all attorneys who are appalled at this legal behavior speak up and maybe consider going back to Constitutional law.

You have become the laughing stock of the planet. Watch closely WHO crosses Bush and involves themselves with the hearings, etc. You will note a full-fledged onslaught of Khazarian power brokers. Separation of church and state? No, separation of you from God and even the memory, in time, shall be passed away as to what such a holiday was. Note that alongside the flag of the U. All this while the Bear to the North waits.

Ponder it most carefully. Let us move now to the subject of Soviets as being brought forth in this series of presentations. The Novosti Press Agency has some 3, employees around the world mostly KGB who feed information and reports into over 4, information services worldwide.

Novosti publishes thousands of books, two dozen illustrated magazines, in some 45 languages, in foreign countries around the world, 12 in India. Novosti publishes magazines and newspapers which are even printed in Libya, in 32 different African countries and distributes millions of copies of books, newspapers and magazines in Europe and North America.

The Soviets know that the best dissemination of propaganda lies in supplying properly edited TV news reels and newspaper galley proofs to Western media outlets.


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Life[ edit ] Details of his early life are sketchy, but he was probably born around in southern Flanders, probably between Lille and Saint-Omer , possibly in the town of La Gorgue. Most likely he was taken on while Charles was passing through Flanders, for the emperor traveled often, bringing his retinue with him, and picking up new members as he went. A document dated mentions Gombert as magister puerorum "master of the boys" for the royal chapel. An alternative hypothesis Lewis is that Cardan was referring to the highly penitential First Book of four-part motets; however, in neither case is it clear how Gombert was able to compose while rowing in the galleys as a prisoner. He may have retired to Tournai , spending the final years of his life as canon there. Music and style[ edit ] Adrian Willaert and Nicolas Gombert are generally recognized as the exemplars of the late Franco-Flemish school, before the center of Renaissance art-music moved to Italy. A Fleming, Willaert relocated to Italy and along with the originally Flemish composer Orlando di Lasso brought the Franco-Flemish style of simultaneously dense and lyrical counterpoint to Italy.


Why J&J's CEO Won't Get the Straight Dope From His "Anonymous" Staff Survey

It is the most important subject which must be understood if you are to change anything for the intent is world domination--surprisingly enough--along with Israeli involvement. The Russians are absolute masters at creating, controlling and marketing to the West their own opposition. Opposition to most human endeavors will arise in time, but if you own it, it will never be a real threat to your enterprise--and it may be able to choke out legitimate opposition. Nothing in the Soviet Empire happens by chance, by accident or by turn of fate.


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