Bibliografia Arden R. Intelligence and semen quality are positively correlated. Intelligence, 37, — Austin E.

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Is there a validity increment for tests of emotional intelligence in explaining the variance of performance criteria? Intelligence, 34, Aronson, E.

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Models of emotional intelligence. Sternberg red. Emotional intelligence as a standard intelligence.


Czy rodzicom potrzebna jest inteligencja emocjonalna?

Talar Since the TIE is an ability measure of EI, in all cases we expected the results usually obtained for such methods. Trait EI self-report Empirical research systematically confirms that self-reported scales do not predict ability assessments of EI well. Most of the formulated hypotheses were confirmed. Journal of Personality and Social. Jossey — Bass, Inc. Taking into account that both tools are based on the same theoretical model, one might expect much higher correlations, although such result is not an exception.


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Jarosław Orzechowski


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