ROBO Cylinders are available in a wide variety of configurations to suit the requirements of your specific application. The main variations are found in the basic body construction and the type of motor employed. Use our Electric Actuator Sizing and Selection Tool to quickly compare and select actuators suited to your requirements. Both the RCP4 and RCS3 series of linear positioning actuators are available in an extensive array of rod, slider, and flat type configurations, accommodating a wide variety of application requirements. The RCP4 actuators have higher payload capabilities at lower velocities. As the payload increases the RCP4 actuator will start decreasing in velocity according to its pulse motor torque curve.

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They are used for transporting and positioning workpieces. The model specifications differ after horizontal and vertical use. To cover a wide range of customer requirements, it is available as a standard as well as a wide slider type. The IntelligentActuators single-axis robots product line is available for particularly high speeds and transfer rates. They meet significantly higher requirements in terms of payload, speed and stroke length.

All linear drives in this new series are characterised above all by their greatly increased mechanical stability as well as their very much improved positioning accuracy. This series also features a line with a built-in controller under the product name RCP6S.

These mechanical advantages come into their own above all in the case of larger overhangs, e. The higher possible weight acceptance is also a big advantage for many applications. These linear modules are available with stroke lengths of between 50 mm and 1, mm. IntelligentActuator single-axis linear robots The ISB universal series is based on aluminium profiles with a compact, rectangular cross-section.

It is available in three model sizes — S, M and L. The feeding forces of the axes range from 53 to N for the large L-series; the maximum stroke is mm. The SSPA series has a built-in design with a highly rigid steel profile.

Like the normal linear axes with ball screw, the polished running tracks of the guide lie on the inner surfaces of the U-shaped profile. The axis thus has an extremely compact structure and is very rigid. Also, with long strokes, the precision is higher because no vibrations are caused - unlike a rotating spindle.

Variety of model options All axis models can optionally be configured with brake, ball chain system, creep sensor and limit switch, and as a high straightness version. The associated matched 1 to 6-axis program controller from the SEL series cover a power range from 60 to W in eight steps. High-resolution battery-less absolute encoder Many slider axes are equipped as standard or optionally with a battery-less absolute encoder that no longer requires a battery for the saving of position data.

Referencing drives, external home sensors or the regular replacement of batteries are thus consigned to the past.


Elektrische Greifer für Pick-and-Place-Automatisierungssysteme

Electric Axes Future-proof Automation Technology An efficient positioning, assembly and handling technology is a key component in many manufacturing companies to to counteract the growing cost pressure effectively. Here, different actuators are being used for linear, rotary or gripping movements. It replaces conventional pneumatic cylinders quickly and easily. By far the largest share of the product portfolio have the high-quality product lines RoboCylinder and IntelligentActuator single-axis robots. Both product lines consist of highly accurate electrical axes for a wide range of automation requirements. In the RoboCylinder series, the focus is on miniaturization and handling of small payloads, which is reflected in significantly lower prices compared to the IntelligenActuator single-axis robots.

ACI 224R-01 PDF

ROBO Cylinder® Electric Actuators

Solenoid valve type There is no need to have start signal as for the solenoid valve in air cylinder, just turn on 3 terminals then it will move to those 3 corresponding positions. Serial communication type This type will operate the position that has been set up serial communication such as field network. This type move directly using pulse train from PLC etc. No need to change battery, no expense, and no adjustment for Batteryless Absolute Encoder. Electric cylinder RCP4 series with maximum speed 1. RCP2 series RCP2 series is a next generation cylinder type that utilise a feature in pulse motor to generates a high thrust in a low rotation. RCP3 series Electric cylinder mounted on pulse motor gives a better output in push operation and coming to a complete stop.


Leistungsstarke Drehachsen für vielfältige Einsatzbereiche


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