New, In its original packaging. Unmatched application power includes: infrared IR configuration interface, two universal analog inputs and a math algorithm. Both analog inputs are sampled six times per second every ms. The first, or process variable input, can be one of the various thermocouple, RTD, Radiamatic or linear actuations.

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Honeywell Udc2500 Availability

The new UDC monitors and controls temperature, pressure, flow, level and other process variables in applications such as furnaces and ovens, environmental chambers, packaging machinery and plastic processing machines. An infrared communications port with accompanying Instrument Explorer software enables fast and secure controller configuration via a Pocket PC, laptop or desktop computer through a non-intrusive wireless connection. Multiple configurations may be stored for review, modification or archiving. An available Ethernet or RS connection allows the UDC to connect to plant networks and exchange data with computers or other devices on the network for monitoring or for managing the process from other plant locations. For temperature control applications UDC diagnostics monitors the condition of the thermocouple input and alerts the operator of an imminent failure, reducing process downtime and eliminating product rework. Dual vacuum fluorescent displays provide continuous readout of the process variable and other operator-selected values such as alarm setpoints, configuration settings, tuning values and more.


Универсальный цифровой контроллер UDC2500


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