Plot summary[ edit ] The narrative unfolds through the eyes of a tiny wooden doll named Mehitabel Hittie , who was carved early in the nineteenth century from the magical wood of the Mountain Ash tree by a peddler for a little girl, Phoebe Preble, who lives on Great Cranberry Island in Maine , during a winter when her father was away at sea. As the doll narrates her beginning I have heard the story told so often by one or another of the Preble family that at times it seems I, also, must have looked on as the Old Peddler carved me out of his piece of mountain-ash wood. It was a small piece, which accounts for my being slightly under-sized even for a doll, and he treasured it, having brought it across the sea from Ireland.

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Over years ago, dating back from Hitty states the tentative time of her creation. I must have been made something over a hundred years ago Therefore, her actual carving could have been started as early as January, or as late as the third or fourth week of February. February, on Hitty is dropped in church.

Her first adventure! I was falling headfirst out of my snug sealskin hiding-place to the floor. Pg "Andy could not make willow whistles until May. The mention of the willow whistles actually does not have a fixed point in time as to whether the peddler was still there or not. Her first summer, from May to July.

Hitty takes many trips with the family to Portland, Bath, and nearby farms. Pg " Late July of that summer Hitty is lost in the woods, and is almost discovered by Indians. She is then taken away by the crow.

Pg "It was a hot afternoon in late July. Pg Almost discovered by the Indians. Pg Hitty is carried away by the crows. I must have spent the better part of two days and nights in that nest.

The night of the second day. Hitty is jostled from the nest in the darkness of the last day spent there. Up went my two feet, out went my arms, and plop! I dropped over the edge! In my best estimation, I would have to say August, since she is back with Phoebe by September.

Between August and September of the same summer Hitty receives her cradle. I was thankful enough to stay in a neat little cradle Captain Preble had made in odd moments. This leads me to believe that the cradle was made after her rescue. First day on the ship. Hitty receives a rope hammock. Later she receives her trunk and other trinkets from the sailors. Hitty spots her first whale, and the fire breaks out. Hitty is left behind, and falls into the sea. I had been abandoned If the time of spotting the first whale was a few months into the voyage, it may have been as early as February or even later.

Unknown amount of time Hitty floats to the island and is rescued. Then one could find out common current speeds in the South Seas, and how long it would take an object to travel the distance stated. That someone will not be me, but feel free! Two weeks to five weeks later? The natives arrive and confiscate Hitty. At no point does Hitty gives us a concrete number of days. She mentions the Captain taking notes in his daily log, and when the smoke has been spotted, it is several days after that that the natives arrive.

In my opinion, this could be around late February or even March. Many days Hitty reigns as an idol, is visited by monkeys, and rescued by Andy. Pg "It is rather lonely to be a god for days on end. I continued this life until the night of my rescue. She gets her coral necklace. She is lost in India. I believe, from reading this passage many times, that they may have been aboard as much as a month before landing in Bombay.

Little Thankful.


Hitty, Her First Hundred Years




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