Shelves: hollywood To reproach Hitchcock for specializing in suspense is to accuse him of being the least boring of film-makers; it is also tantamount to blaming a lover who instead of concentrating on his own pleasure insists on sharing it with his partner. They recorded over fifty hours of tape over several days and the result is this book. It is written in interview form lending it a tennis match feel of the reader actually being there swiveling our head from one person talking to the next person replying. It is absurdly good. The book is brimming with photographs of his films and also of Hitchcock working on set.

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To bring the book up-to-date, Truffaut conducted further interviews to discuss Marnie and Torn Curtain. In , Patricia Hitchcock donated a set of the interview tapes to the Margaret Herrick Library , where they are now part of the Hitchcock Collection. Information was dropped that would be considered precious today, particularly by film historians: explanations of technique were greatly limited compared to the original, references to television and the film industry as such, including observations about people who were not necessarily well—known and what they did, as Hitchcock remembered this or that film or phase of his career.

Audio The audio tapes of the interviews have not been released commercially. However, portions of the tapes were used for a French radio broadcast by the station "France Culture". Each episode runs for just over 25 minutes. Transcriptions are available for some of the parts. Childhood through to his early years in the film industry The media player is loading The Mountain Eagle through to the end of the silent era Part 3 Blackmail through to a discussion about American audiences Part 4 Rich and Strange through to realism in films Part 5 The 39 Steps through to plausibility in film and film critics Part 6 The media player is loading Part 8 Final years in Britain through to his move to America Part 9 The media player is loading Part 10 Discussion about Hollywood through to Notorious Part 11 Mr and Mrs Smith through to Suspicion Part 12 Saboteur through to Shadow of a Doubt Part 13 The media player is loading Part 14 Notorious through to The Paradine Case Part 15 The media player is loading Part 16 The media player is loading Part 17 Stage Fright through to Strangers on a Train Part 18 Strangers on a Train through to I Confess Part 19 Notorious through to a discussion about suspense Part 21 The Wrong Man through to Vertigo Part 22 North by Northwest through to Psycho Part 23 The media player is loading Part 24 The media player is loading Part 25 Psycho through to characterisation in films Documentaries Monsieur Truffaut Meets Mr.

The video is in French with Italian subtitles. See Also


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