This new line of projectors promises high quality imaging at a reasonable price. Their reputation for high value at a reasonable cost precedes them. In this case I knew what Hitachi was good at and could only hope that the quality of a larger projector would rival its little brothers and sisters. Let me just show you all of my cards up front.

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Apr 10, PM, By Jeff Sauer Large-venue projector provides the right combination of price, performance, and features. Large-venue installation projectors have a reputation for carrying hefty price tags and for having the portability of boat anchors. Yet Hitachi has just introduced three new Professional Series large-venue projectors that take a bite out of both reputations.

The unifying features of the trio are a commitment to low cost of ownership from a large-venue installation projector and a chassis that weighs less than 30lbs. That begins with low initial pricing for a large-venue projector and lower longer-term maintenance costs and overall cost of ownership.

Each of the three is expected to have an estimated 10, hours of maintenance-free operation thanks to a dust-resistant cooling system. Tangibly, eliminating dust means that the air filter needs changing far less often, and it contributes more generally to longer life of other system components, including the LCD panels and filters. With an Ethernet connection built-in, these projectors further assist administrators by emailing reminders of lamp and filter hours when they are close to needing replacement, thus allowing for planned maintenance rather than reactionary repairs.

For additional control options, there are ports for both RS and a wired remote. Security functions include an onscreen password function that can be set to lock out unauthorized users from making configuration changes and a PIN-code lock-out that can completely prevent the projector from being used at all.

Of course, as with any projector, the best theft deterrent is a physical restraint, and Hitachi has included a security bar for use with a cable. It also includes a slot for a Kensington lock.

Other helpful installation features include keystone correction—both automatic and manual—and seven image presets that account for different lighting conditions and projection surfaces. The My Memory feature allows you to save up to four specific configuration settings and recall them with a click of one of four dedicated buttons. The My Screen feature allows you to capture and store a custom startup screen image. Picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture used to be common data-projector features in installation models and small travel projectors, but price competition has all but eliminated picture-in-picture as a standard feature.


Hitachi CP-X10000 User Manual

The Professional Series range of projectors offer a host of features that set them apart from the competition. We offer the largest vertical and horizontal optical lens shift in the market to display bright and sharp images in complex or awkward spaces. Six optional bayonet lenses provide great flexibility depending on the size of the venue and your projection needs. In addition, a new Hitachi Hybrid Filter dramatically reduces maintenance even further. Where do these projectors give the best performance?


Théâtre de plein air Antalya CP-X10000

Be the first to review this item. Additionally, with its on-board high performance chip higachi 2, Now you can choose the lens depending on your projection criteria. Opis Uncompromising quality, flexibility of installation and extended product life are features on offer with our Professional Series Installation Projectors. With its long-life and easy maintenance enhancements, this projector is ideal for use in retail, digital signage and other environments where the projector is in constant cpx We appreciate your patience.


Hitachi CP-X10000 - LCD projector - no lens Specs


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