Write a customer review. Mgpyae rated it really liked it May endoo, Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Phoenix Decim rated it it was amazing Dec 30, Great art work, much reverence to the story, and thought provoking. All in all, this first volume did a very good job of getting me into the story, getting the back story out of the way with the first half and then really starting the story proper with the second.

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Imagine a well thought-out, mature story clashing seamlessly with art that manages to be both realistic and beautiful and characters that almost seem more real than the people one encounters in their daily lives. Rather, Endo has chosen an evolved killer virus as a means that almost lead to the end of the world; something that people living in a world riddled with various epidemics, deadly or not, can surely identify with. But Eden is much more than just another heap of end-of-the-world-scifi-shit.

It has a lot of drama stemming from the interactions between the characters, a touch of romance and happiness even amidst the harsh realities of a world gone from bad to worse, and even an occasional spark of humour. Yes the world is sometimes harsh and uncaring, but in Eden, there is room left for the good things as well. Just like all the good stories, love and romance and dramatic relationships have their place in Eden.

Love happens, just like hate, friendships, sadness, happiness and other kind of shit happens. The less serious side of Eden starts to become more prominent as the story goes on.

At some point the readers find themselves seeing sexual jokes, chibi characters and some other silly characteristics of manga art more and more often. Some people have found this upsetting. I liked it. It made me laugh. I also think that paradoxically, a dose of good humour brings more credibility to a story dealing with serious issues rather than a no light in sight-type of tragedy.

A common way of defining whether a story is mature or not is to measure how much it has blood, gore, violence, sex and all that type of jazz. If Endo wants to give us gore, he gives us showers of blood, shredded limbs and cracked bones instead of some lame stumps a la Claymore. And just like with all the other faces of Eden, realism is the key word here: in no point does Endo slip into sloppy tastelessness with his more graphic imagery. Imagery, which is, as I stated early on, simply gorgeous.

Endo manages to capture that unique beauty in Japanese style of comic-writing, be that in the characters, sceneries or anything else, without drowning us in saucer-sized eyes or over-groomed scenes. Realistic beauty. Wait, is that even possible? In Eden, it is. Like cherries atop a well creamed cake. As per everything else, not all is perfect, or even excellent, in Eden.

The occasional bore of reading long lines of science jargon. A misplaced joke here and there. Some over the top philosophy.

Consider it a cow chip next to Mt. The bottom line? Go read it. Rite nao.


Eden – It’s an Endless World!

Plot[ edit ] Elijah and Cherubim gaze at the city in this early page from the manga. Endo has been noted for the amount of detail he puts into his work. She is being held to threaten Ennoia Ballard, father of the two characters, who has become a powerful drug lord in South America, feared and despised by many, including, to an extent, his own family. During a terrorist attack, Elijah, at the aged 15, is separated from his mother and his sister is kidnapped, along with his mother Hannah and now has to handle things on his own.


Hiroki Endo



Dark Horse Comics


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