Plot synopsis[ edit ] The story begins with a brief scene showing the initial Covenant attack on Ariel. A civilian researcher manages to send a distress call before being captured by the Covenant. Both are confined to their quarters by MSgt Frost as a result. While in his quarters, Dutch receives a message from his wife , who tells him of the option of transferring into a non-combat position to be with her. They are ordered to split up, and investigate the colony for any sign of civilian activity. The reactor is damaged in the fighting, and begins to overload.

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Create New Dutch: Could use some Spartans about now. The have been kicking butt and taking names centuries before those armored freaks showed up. Advertisement: Halo: Helljumper is a five-issue comic set in the Halo universe and published by Marvel Comics. In mid, a team of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are deployed to the human colony Ariel, under attack by the Covenant.

But the troopers find that rather than bodies everywhere, all the colonists seem to have disappeared, and the Covenant are digging for something beneath the surface.

Frost, the tough no-nonsense lady who keeps them all on high alert. And yet Dutch and Romeo rack up a bodycount that would make a Spartan blush. Romeo: Armored up on the outside, and pumped up with who-knows-what drugs or whatever on the inside No need to.

Advertisement: Batman Gambit : Dutch and Romeo pull out a whole bag of tricks to fool the Covenant into their traps. For instance, when having to storm a hallway full of Grunts and a Elite, Romeo tosses a Covenant needle grenade. Romeo considers Dutch to be the guy watching his back, always certain he can rely on him. So when he finds out Dutch has put in for a transfer so he can retire with Gretchen, Romeo is pissed.

Improbable Aiming Skills : Being a sniper, Romeo has undeniable talent with a pistol, frequently nailing headshot after headshot. This gets the other Grunts in the area to drop their guard, giving Romeo a few extra seconds to leap out and shoot them all dead.

Not-So-Final Confession : As the two are about to get consumed by a reactor explosion, Dutch admits to Romeo that he was about to retire. The one time he calls him "Romeo" is when he fears his friend is dead.


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