Want to Read saving…. In fun situations he is spontaneous, in emotional ones, especially the one in climax, Allu Arjun is simply splendid. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. His paternal grandfather was comedian Allu Rama Lingaiah while his aunt is married to Chiranjeevi. Can someone tell me where can I find a PDF version of this novel for free download? After the death of Ganapthi deva, Rudrama Devi became the queen of the Kakatiya.

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Veerabhadra Reddi - The fall of the Kakatiya Kingdom in , after being subject to seizes by the Tughlaq dynasty, led to a political vacuum in the Andhras. The Islamic conquerors failed to keep the region under effective control and constant infighting among themselves coupled with the martial abilities of the local Telugu warriors led to the loss of the entire region by He was succeeded by Anavota Reddi who consolidated the kingdom extensively and established its capital at Kondavidu in Guntur District.

The Reddi kings ruled coastal and central Andhra for over a hundred years from to In , Kondavidu was annexed to the Vijayanagara Empire and Rajahmundry was conquered by the Gajapatis some twenty five years after. The territories of the Reddi kingdom thus came under the control of the Vijayanagara Empire.

The Kakatiya empire came to an end in after the army of the Delhi sultanate invaded Warangal and captured Kakatiya ruler Pratapa Rudra. Warangal fell to the invaders and Ulugh Khan commanded Warangal and Telangana.

During this time of foreign invasion and chaos in Telugu country, seeds of revolt were sown by two princes, Annaya Mantri and Kolani Rudradeva. They united the Telugu nobles with the purpose of reclaiming the kingdom. They succeeded in repulsing those forces from Warangal and then established independent Kingdoms of their own. The Reddi rulers patronised and protected Hinduism and its institutions. The Brahmins were given liberal grants by the Reddi kings and the agraharas of Brahmins were restored.

Vedic studies were encouraged. The Hindu temples of Srisailam and Ahobilam were provided with more facilities. Prolaya Vema Reddi bestowed a number of agraharas on the Brahmins. He was revered by the title of Apratima-Bhudana-Parasurama. The Narasimha Swamy temple at Ahobilam was built during his reign. He built temples for Shiva. The Reddi kings also patronized Sanskrit.

Several of the Reddi kings themselves were distinguished scholars and authors. Errapragada Errana , Srinatha and Potana were the remarkable poets of this period. He completed the Telugu translation of the Mahabharata. He wrote Hari Vamsa and Narasimha Purana. One-sixth of agriculture surplus was levied as tax. Under the reign of Anavota Reddi custom duties and taxes on trade were lifted.

As a result, trade flourished. Sea trade was carried through the port Motupalli. A large number of merchants settled down near it. The Brahmins were given liberal grants by the Reddi kings. Caste system was observed. Heavy taxes by Racha Vema Reddi made him highly unpopular.


Gona Ganna Reddy

It is notable that inscriptions were written using the Kakatiya chiefs vernacular Telugu rather than the Kannada language that had prevailed until that point 2. Gona Ganna Reddy had two brothers and one sister. Can someone tell me where can I find a PDF version of this novel for free download? Awardees Padma Vibhushan Prathap C. Wanaparthy — Wanaparthy is a municipal town in Wanaparthy district of Telangana, India.


Tinyu PDF Me

The biggest banayan tree Pillalamarrisymbol of the district. The wedge of land between the rivers is known as the Raichur Doab, after the city of Raichur. Wanaparthy is a municipal town in Wanaparthy district of Telangana, India. Member feedback about Kuppambika: Adavi Baapiraju — Adivi Baapiraju was a famous Telugu novelist, poet, playwright, painter and art director.

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