Mak However; it also became too easy. It is constructed from a bidirectional weave of glass or carbon fiber reinforcing a proprietary solvent free epoxy, forming a composite system with exceptional performance. The Staples are comprised of high tensile strength and modulus carbon fiber. Can be applied underwater or in any weather conditions. The fibers are encapsulated in a thermal set resin and cured under pressure during manufacturing process.

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Are You on a Budget? Have a project? You could qualify for one of our Assistance Programs! Tell us a little bit about your project and our team will contact you in less than 48 hours to help you choose which Assistance Program best suits your needs.

In our short history we have built a reputation in Chicago for quality, integrity and customer care that sets us apart from other Chicago remodeling contractors. Since we have been helping property owners in Chicagoland with their remolding projects from small to large and everything in between.

Our Values Mastery: Desire to constantly learn and grow in knowledge, while applying creative and innovative ideas to challenges. Trust: Build relationships based on trust, through sincerity, honesty, and dependability. Let our actions create our reputation. Execution: Deliver an efficient, dependable service by committing to continually innovate and execute our systems process with competency and professionalism.

Maturity: Display accountability and responsibility for our actions, with focus and dedication to continual self-improvement. They put a new roof and siding on our home They are professional and keep you informed, the job was done on time as promised, the workers experienced and detail oriented.

They did an excellent job and left the area nice and clean. The work was done exactly how we wanted. Janusz B. Their expertise in assisting me in pursuing my claim with my insurance company was extremely helpful. My adjuster was Mr. He walked me through everything. Everything was done in a timely manor.

They delivered everything and the clean up was phenomenal. Annie H. Excellent customer service. Recommend them highly for big projects. Bum P. The house and roof look great. They were very efficient and had the work done in just a few days and they cleaned up thoroughly. They exceeded my expectations and Mary was wonderful to work with. Charlie C. My siding had been replaced a few years back from hail damage and was in great condition until the landscaping company destroyed it with a bulldozer while putting in my brick paver patio.

Because of what happened with my landscaper, I wanted to be there to see Fortec do the work. However, a meeting came up and I was unable to do so. When I got home from work that day, not only was the work done to the way I wanted as few visible seams as possible but they even capped my back door frames with extra sheeting that they had. Fortec went above and beyond and my wife thinks the house looks much prettier because of it. Dave S. Siding and trim repair.



Vum Very few concrete crack repairs fail immediately. By cross-stitching concrete crack repair with staples this creep is eliminated and improves the long term performance of the repair material. Surface preparation The steel surface should be dry and free from contamination. It is constructed from a bidirectional weave of glass or carbon fiber reinforcing a proprietary solvent free epoxy, forming a composite system with exceptional performance. Find a contractor today that does not offer a warranty, but are they still in business 2 or 3 years later when the repair fails.






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