Price Price 9. Price 8. A Vietnam vintage manual which covers all the subjects necessary for a U. Marine Corps Squad in combat, this is not a barracks administration manual.

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The HQ group consists of communications , intelligence, surveillance, and law enforcement i. The ground combat element GCE , composed primarily of infantry units infantry battalions organized into battalion landing teams, regimental combat teams, and Marine divisions.

The GCE also contains combat support units, including artillery , armor tank , assault amphibian, and light armored reconnaissance , combat engineer including EOD , and reconnaissance units. The units are organized into detachments, squadrons, groups, and wings, except for low altitude air defense units, which are organized into platoons, detachments, batteries, and battalions.

The logistics combat element LCE , organized into battalions, regiments, and groups, has its own headquarters element for command and control management and planning for manpower, intelligence, operations and training, and logistics functions of its subordinate units and contains the majority of the combat service support units for the MAGTF, including: heavy motor transport , ground supply , heavy engineer support, ground equipment maintenance, and advanced medical and dental units, along with certain specialized groups such as air delivery , EOD, and landing support teams.

The basic structure of the MAGTF never varies, though the number, size, and type of Marine Corps units composing each of its four elements will always be mission dependent. The flexibility of the organizational structure allows for one or more subordinate MAGTFs to be assigned.

For comparison purposes, in relation to other U. The MARDIV, containing two or three infantry regiments , an artillery regiment , and several separate armored vehicle battalions i. Army light infantry division organized with three infantry brigade combat teams , division artillery DIVARTY , a division sustainment brigade , a headquarters and headquarters battalion , and reinforced with an armored brigade combat team ABCT.

The MEF, which varies in size, is capable of conducting missions across the full range of military operations and to support and sustain itself for up to 60 days in an austere expeditionary environment.

I MEF also deployed to Somalia in December for the humanitarian relief effort there as well as deploying to Kuwait beginning in and taking part in the Invasion of Iraq. The three Marine Expeditionary Forces are:.


Marine Air-Ground Task Force

Mezisar It provides a background on the philosophy, principles, and policies of the Mari Opertaions inom vardagar. CIS automate routine functions, freeing commanders and staffs to focus on the aspects of command and control that require experience, judgment This publication also teaches Marines to cross water obstacles and perform w The US has renounced first use of herbicides in war mffm under regulations applicable to domestic use or for control of vegetation within US bases and installations and around their immediate perimeters. It had neither studied them, nor developed doctrine and tactics to deal with them. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations — Mcwp It also explains how to carr This publication provides the fundamentals of scouting and patrolling and their relationsh This publication is intended for officers a Remote Sensor Operations — Mcwp Because medical personnel will not always be readily available, the nonmedical service members must rely heavily on their own skills and knowledge of life-sustaining met The objective of dissemination management is to deliver the required intelligence to the This manual provides guidance for the organization, planning, and conduct of the full range of military operations on urbanized terrain. Every Marine is first and foremost, a rifleman.


Ground Combat Operations — MCWP 3-1 (Formerly FMFM 6)



MCWP 3-17.3 MAGTF Breaching Operations


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