He earned a Ph. Michael Yessis: The 1-rep max is most important for athletes in the power sports weightlifting, powerlifting, and in many cases, bodybuilding. These athletes need to develop maximum strength. They must be cognizant of the amount of weight that they are using in the various exercises. I do not use the 1-rep maximum, or percentages of it, to improve the performance of the athlete.

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Plyometrics What Is Plyometrics? Plyometrics, a method for developing greater speed and explosive power, is now very popular in the athletic and fitness fields. More specifically: The forced stretch creates great tension in the muscle and tendon. The greater the load during the forced stretching and the quicker the load is applied, the greater is the energy accumulated.

Energy for the reverse action is given back when the muscle and especially the tendon, undergo shortening to enable the action to occur. Jumps are used most frequently in plyometric training. The most significant aspect of plyometrics is how quickly the action is executed, usually in 0.

History: Plyometrics was created by Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky a former Soviet sports scientist and coach, in the late s and early s. He called his method the shock method which more accurately described what happens in a true plyometric action. Meanwhile in the United States Fred Wilt, a track coach, observed the Russians executing these exercises and labeled it plyometrics.

In the s Dr. Michael Yessis, who did some work with Dr. Verkhoshansky, introduced the shock method in the U. Upon reading his initial material other authors soon wrote books in which plyometrics were described as jump exercises not as shock exercises. They were easier to perform and the name plyometrics stayed with them. This is far from the total picture since It is used


Michael Yessis

Biography[ edit ] In Yessis and Fred Wilt , [4] noted athlete and running trainer, [5] coined the term plyometrics while observing Soviet athletes warming up. Yessis has authored 16 books and over 2, articles in various publications, and has appeared often on television, radio, and the internet as an expert guest or commentator. Yessis was a leader of a group of athletes, sports coaches, and strength coaches to the Soviet Union to study at the Moscow State Institute of Physical Culture. He established contacts for the exchange of information and for the development of greater exchanges between the countries. His work was responsible for making this body of Soviet science-based sports research available in the United States. Yessis was chief editor for two well-established academic journals and senior editor for a Weider Publication.


Explosive Plyometrics


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