Shelves: it-is-okay , it-is , romance-novels Well I feel a bit cheated, to be honest. LOL Well, but I do like the sisterhood between the heroine and her younger sister and how said younger sister, after years of mental abuse and mistreatment from their adopted parents, grew a backbone and stood up for her older sister. While the heroine seemed to be an upstanding and morally honest person, the hero was downright devious at times. I found it hard to believe that the hero fell in love with her as I did not feel any emotion from the novel. Aug 17, Dalimar rated it really liked it Esto si es una Harlequin bien escrita,bueno obviamente dentro de lo que cabe en el contexto de las novelas Harlequin.

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He was making it clear that no one slipped past him. The guy was probably in his early fifties but his big, burly frame was still all muscle—a formidable opponent in a fight. Not that Jack was looking for one, not with this man, who was just doing his job. He leaned on the top railing for a while, taking in the view of horses grazing in lush pastures, what was undoubtedly state-of-the-art stables, and a rider—a girl with a mass of red-gold curls streaming out from the tight constriction of her riding hat—putting her horse through a series of pony club jumps.

Was she the elder of the two adopted daughters? Or a stable hand, employed to train the horse to jumping? He scaled the fence and strolled towards the exercise enclosure, wanting his curiosity satisfied. It was a matter of supreme indifference to him that he was trespassing. To his mind he had more natural right to be here than anyone else on this property. The big gelding had been too eager. She had to rein him in a bit, make the timing perfect.

Her concentration on the task was total. Only when Blaze had sailed beautifully over the third hurdle did the sound of clapping alert her to the presence of a spectator.

Flushed and exhilarated by her success, she turned to smile at the person who had admired her skill enough to applaud it, expecting to see Tim Fogarty, the stable hand who always helped her groom Blaze for showjumping. It startled her to see a stranger, especially a stranger who was alone. A visitor was always accompanied by someone.

He was very handsome, outstandingly so compared to the young men of her acquaintance—thick black hair, a face that instantly drew fascinated interest, and his tall and strong physique was definitely ten out of ten. His forearms, resting on the top railing of the enclosure, were tanned and muscular, suggesting he lived an outdoors life.

Maybe he was a new employee. Sally nudged Blaze into walking over to where the man stood, aware that the flutter in her stomach was caused more by a sense of excitement than curiosity. His eyes were examining her in a very detailed fashion—vivid blue eyes—making her extremely conscious of how she looked and raising a silly hope that he found her attractive.

It was silly because it was obvious he was too old for her. In his twenties, she judged. At fourteen she had the height and the figure of a young woman but not the years to match this man. There was something in his eyes—a knowingness that came from a lot of hard learnt experience. Who are you? His mouth quirked into a dryly amused little smile, making her wonder how it would feel to have such beautifully sculptured lips kissing hers.

Would they be gentle and sensitive to her response or hard and ravishing? Nice voice, though, deep and manly. Had she seemed snobby about who she was? Fine horse, You handle him well. Have you been riding long? She nodded, suddenly feeling ill at ease with him. Dad gave me a pony when I was five. No doubt he bought this one for you, too. The mocking tone was more pronounced this time. What are you doing here? He shrugged. This is private property. Oh, I have business to be done.

Very personal business. His eyes stabbed into hers like blue lasers, scouring her soul. None of the employees had a son like him.

She was sure of it. The same as yours. Shock rendered her speechless for a moment. Was it true? He hated her mother. She could see it, hear it, feel it. He shook his head. What a protected little cocoon you live in, Sally Maguire! What marriage? Sally could only stare at him, her mind struggling to take this stunning information on board. Her very safe world suddenly felt very shaken. Have you been up to the house? Not yet. Lady Ellen was not inclined to put out the welcome mat for me. In fact, she had me turned away at the gate.

What do you think of that, Sally Maguire? He cocked his head to one side, mockingly assessing her reaction to this information. A sense of guilty shame sent a gush of heat flooding into her cheeks.

She had no idea of what had happened with these relationships in the past, before she was born and adopted into this family. Maybe her mother had good reason to block his entry to this property. What do you want? The words spilled out of the fear that was curdling her stomach.

I had my father for seven years. Like what? He knew her age. It felt all wrong that he had information about her and she had none about him. True, he agreed. His eyes went flint hard. He was going to make trouble.

She must have taken you with her. Where is she now? Somehow that was more frightening than anything else.


Bought for revenge, bedded for pleasure



Bought for revenge, bedded for pleasure



Bought for Revenge, Bedded for Pleasure


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