Kagalkree Each of the alarm initiates an audible alarm warning. Chapter 5 — Maintenance Chapter 5 — Maintenance 5. Under normal circumstances both modules are operational and share the load current equally; but if one module develops a fault, or is shut down, the second module is able to take over the full load demand and continue to provide it with processed, backed-up power. Post ads for free. A DIP switch fitted to the display microprocessor board enables the displayed language to be easily selected to English, French, Emmerson, Spanish or German. Its purpose it to enable the critical load to be powered from the mains bypass supply while the UPS is shut down for maintenance or troubleshooting.

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Zululkree If the above checks prove unsatisfactory then seek qualified assistance. If this characteristic is exceeded then the load transfers to the bypass supply, the inverter stops and the overload alarm annunciates. This m0 located inside the battery cabinet if used or is otherwise located adjacent to the battery racks Mimic panel LED LS2 should illuminate and LS7 alarm should extinguish.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. The M UPS manufactured before this series have different serial numbers: If these are significantly different from the values previously logged then, if possible, record the size, type and location of any additional load connected to the UPS supply since the previous inspection. It also has a magnetic trip facility for overload protection. This equipment electrical codes. If possible, log the results of the inspection, noting any discrepancies from the norm.

Wait 20 seconds then close the battery circuit breaker. We want your opinion. This means that although it is not impossible to modify an existing module to form part of a one-plus-one system it is not a straightforward proposition. Pressing this switch activates the inverter and causes the load to be transferred to the inverter side of the static switch after the inverter voltage has had time to stabilise.

Communication takes place via a emereon ribbon cable connected between the modules as illustrated in figure 4. The manufacturer offers customer training, at a nominal fee, if required. It is used to connect the battery to the UPS in Installations where the batteries are not contained in the standard battery cabinet.

When the emergency stop switch is emerdon it disables the static switch block entirely so removing load power. When starting a redundant module system the load is transferred from the bypass to the inverter of the first module as soon as the first module is started and its inverter is brought on line. UPS using the most direct route possible Emerson Eemerson Power offer a purpose-designed remote battery circuit breaker box, containing the circuit breaker and its necessary control board, as a standard option kit.

Remove any packaging devices meerson then visually examine the UPS and battery equipment for transit damage, both internally and externally. In the event of a mains power failure, the rectifier becomes inoperative and the inverter is powered solely from the battery.

This is, however, subject to a short time delay to prevent the warning being activated by transient conditions. When the second module m started its static bypass line is totally inhibited due to the first module being on line, and the second module will not be connected to the load until its inverter is operational and fully synchronised with the first module.

The illustration in figure 4 shows a dedicated battery installation for each module; however, it is possible to fit an option kit which allows the two modules in m one-plus-one system to share a common battery. The UPS modules do not require back-access for maintenance servicing; but, where space permits, a clearance of approximately 4 feet 1.

Min — Max — Voltage limits of Inverter operation for V d. RM-1 is a six pin male-female connector and RM-2 is a 10 pin male-female connector. When working inside the UPS trained personnel only it is recommended that protection be worn to prevent eye damage, should emerosn electrical arc be struck by mishandling or severe electrical fault. LS2 — Battery volts OK: If you already own and use a Liebert, we are doubly honoured by your decision of continuing this relationship. Close the input isolator and static bypass isolator if separate.

Enter an email to continue. Carry out a thorough examination of the UPS power components and sub-assemblies, paying particular attention to the following Electrolytic capacitors — Check for signs of leakage, buckling etc.

This unit is always used in conjunction with Alarm interface PCBonly. Inverter will not turn ON unless output isolator is closed. Maintenance procedures appropriate emedson both, valve-regulated and un-sealed batteries vary, and should be obtained from the battery manufacturer.

This will contain following items: All UPS models have a stabilising bar fitted to the output transformer T1 and input choke L1 during shipment.

Free Classified ads in India. If the mains power fails, the UPS continues to power the critical load from its battery source, leaving the load immune from power disturbances. Note emersom if this supply is not available, RAM will not function 3. Reconnect the UPS input mains power. Click for more information: See the UPS specification for weight details.

This cable entry method allows the equipment to be positioned on a solid floor without the need for cable trenching and also allows cables to pass from one module to the other when positioned side-by-side.

Note that LS5 will extinguish when LS6 illuminates. TOP Related Posts.



Metaur In a domestic environment, this product may cause radio interface in which case the user may be required to take additional measures. It is our constant endeavour to partner you for the growth and success of m business. Parallel control in a one-plus-one system Battery charge current sharing: However, a well documented periodic program of inspection and preventive maintenance, as suggested below, will help to ensure optimum equipment performance and may serve to detect certain minor malfunctions prior to them developing into a major fault. Receive the latest offers by email. Its purpose it to enable the critical load to be powered from the mains bypass supply while the UPS is eemrson down for maintenance or troubleshooting. This manual does not provide servicing instructions and the options accessed from these windows are therefore not shown on the menu map in emerosn 1- 7.


Emerson 7400M Series User Manual

Taushicage If the batteries are cabinet-mounted this circuit breaker is fitted within the cabinet; however, if the batteries are rack-mounted or otherwise located remote to the main UPS cabinet then the battery circuit breaker m be mounted as near as possible to the batteries themselves, and the power and control cables connected emersson the UPS using the most direct route possible. If possible, log the results of the inspection, noting any discrepancies from the norm. This is located inside the battery cabinet if used or is otherwise located adjacent to the battery racks Mimic panel LED LS2 should illuminate and LS7 alarm should extinguish. Such an installation is shown in figure 5 eemerson. The battery not available indicator 4 will light amber and the battery bar graph Emerspn will all extinguish. When this switch is pressed, the lower line of the LCD Display shows the output current. When connected together, the battery terminal voltage will exceed Vdc and is potentially lethal.

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