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Prices include shipping in the US Upgrades Please enquire about our range of available options and upgrades. Over the last year or so I have mentioned in many discussions with customers about our plan for the L1 series and the new EL84 integrated and just about everyone has given us a thumbs up - With that kind of feedback its easy for us to go forward on product development - I would like to presonallly thank Upgrade Audio that was instrumental in ensuring we designed a fantastic product for the Norwegian audiophile-mad market!!

What customers are saying about the L1 EL84 Integrated Amplifier Kit Thanks a bunch for turning me on to such great gear, the L1 EL84 kit is truly amazing and great value for the money. It is solid state quiet, has tons of detail, imaging, depth, sparkle. The bass is generous for the EL84 tubes and the treble sparkles.

It is captivating and I am falling behind on the responsibilities due to this. I have to say, Awesome! I am listening to it as I type. I am really really pleased with it. It completely blows my transistor all-be-it home cinema amplifier out of the water.

The soundstage and clarity are out of this world. It is one sweet sounding amplifier as you said in our initial conversations. It has a very natural and balanced sound, with great dynamics and bass. No joke. The L1 EL84 Integrated amp came alive.!. I have not done much comparison yet, but I can say it sounds awesome!! I can feel the difference in the sound stage, clarity, tone, and even tightness in bass.

In the end the build was worth it!! Samson Lopez UK I feel the sound of the EL based integrated amplifier is very musical, very natural midrange, absolutely amazing female vocals, and very detailed Dr Glenn Thomas The first amp is right at the moment playing wonderfull music at my office. It is sounding quite different from the demo we have.

Seems to be more of everything! Most of all in the bass which are deeper and tighter than the last one. But it also seems to be more open in the top. But it seems very promising! Exiting to see how it will developing during burn in.

And of course. There will be some upgrades as well. Well done!


Les EL84/6BQ5 et leurs particularités



Vacuum Tube - EL84, Tube Amp Doctor


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