Servicing should be straightforward unless parts have corroded or seized. The glowpin screen is fixed inside the burner and not replaceable. Chemical cleaning the burner should also clean most of the deposits from the screen. You will require one new gasket. The ECUs and fuel pumps were not included but it was never intended to get them working again.

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The installation manuals cover many of the details and I recommend downloading and studying the manual before starting, see Manuals page. Warning:- If you have an Eberspacher and it has a truck manufacturers name on the label it may be non standard so these wiring details do not apply, see our Buying advice page for more details.

If you are not confident of your ability to install things safely or cannot understand my simplified guides leave it to the professionals!

A mistake will usually not be like the photo but mistakes can damage the ECU and be extremely expensive. Connecting the battery the wrong way round while testing is a common way of destroying the ECU. Check and then double check before connecting or inserting the fuse. Always remove the fuse or disconnect the battery before doing work on the wiring. Wiring Looms Heaters looms may be professional or user made so there are a variety of types and lengths even for the same heater but the wiring colours are usually reasonably standard.

Change all 12 volt references to 24 volt for 24 volt versions. Battery supply. Often they are too short and have to be lengthened. Always use a high quality fuseholder. Cheaper low quality fuseholders are not suitable for high current equipment and may burn out or cause unreliable connections.

Do not skimp on power cable size as doing so can cause unreliable operation due to low voltage problems. Thinner cable is cheaper but you will regret using it later! Full details on Low voltage page. Increase the cable size to 6 mm2 up to 4 m, and 10 mm2 or more for longer runs. That should give a cable loss of 0. The length calculation should include cables from the battery terminal to the connection point.

All other air models take about 20 amps during starting so recommended cable sizes are doubled. The controller and other wiring carries less current and can be run in almost any normal cable thickness. Eberspacher Wiring Colour Codes Eberspacher manuals use these codes to indicate wiring colours. These older models had external electronics, the ECU pin numbers quoted above do not apply.

Connector terminal removers It is virtually impossible to remove terminals from connectors without the correct extractor tool. If you need to remove a terminal and know a friendly mechanic he might be able to do it for you. Modern water heaters have several cables in one connector so parts like the motor cannot be removed. I tried 2 types of reasonably priced extractors but they were not suitable. At best I could remove about 1 terminal out of If anyone has working extractors and could donate them we would be very grateful.

When I find where I have stored mine I will try modifying it. None of these extractors worked for me on Eberspacher connectors. However Users sometimes pick up odd lengths of cable with no indication of size. As an example here are three mains cables to show relative size. Cable sizes are the wire cross sectional area, not the diameter. The 2. As a rough guide the 10 mm2 wire which has 7 strands measures 4 mm across the wire bundle and the 6 mm2 cable 3 mm across.

If the cable has lots of thinner strands the wire bundle could be smaller. The pump is not polarity dependent, connect wires to the terminals either way round. The pump may be mounted under the chassis, ensure adequate mechanical protection to the cables and connections. Controller connections The remainder of the wires that need to be identified are for connections to the controller.

This is where most of the confusion arises as there are many different controllers and connector types. I have tried several different ideas to simplify the wiring for users with limited technical knowledge with only partial success.

This time I am going back to the method of identifying these wires Eberspacher used in their earlier manuals. For each heater model the wires needed are identified with a number, a1 to a9. Each controller will also use the same identifier system. See Controller page. This will allow a heater model to be connected to any compatible controller by joining wires with the same number. The controller wiring carries low currents so can be run in almost any cable thickness. Each heater generally has 4 wires for the controller plus wires for an optional remote sensor and diagnostics You can ignore wires that are not used, just make sure they are insulated.


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