Nomenclature[ edit ] In Earthsea , one character often has several names. This is because in Earthsea, the true name of a person has power and a wizard can wield total power over someone whose name he knows. Consequently, any person guards his true name closely and only shares it with those whom he or she can totally trust. Through childhood up to puberty, children are known by a child-name; at their rite of Passage, about the age of thirteen, children are given a true name in the Old Speech, usually by a wizard, that they will keep for the rest of their lives. In dealings with most people, the Hardic peoples of Earthsea use a "use-name", usually a common word in the Hardic language rendered into English by which they are identified.

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Earthsea Saga: Book 1 - 4 Of these, some say the greatest - and surely the greatest voyager - is the man called Sparrowhawk.

As a reckless, awkward b Earthsea Saga: Book 5 9. This puts Alder and Earthsea in Earthsea Saga: Book 6 9. Have you read The Earthsea Quartet? Thank you. The Earthsea Quartet reader reviews a young fantasy reader from a rather nice place in my opinion Although I read it a while ago now, I liked it very much, though I agree that there were parts which needed to be read for the advancement of the plot rather than what was actually taking place, if you know what I mean.

My father I think first gave it to me to read to get me to read something else other than The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter two book series I still hold close to my heart and I must say it did the trick! Not overly focused on bloody gory action, something which I personally find quite boring, it embodied more philosophical ideas and the language whisked me off the distant islands of the Archipelago. It is so boring and messy. She changes from one thing to the other. Would recommend Harry Potter or any other book than this book.

Give this a miss and go and read Steven Erikson instead. I first read them decades ago and they are truly timeless. Some books from the same era have not aged well but the Earthsea saga has aged like a very fine wine.

All four books explore human behaviour and never come across as judgemental, instead encouraging the reader to form their own opinions. I liked Harry Potter and am delighted my children are reading those books. A must read for children who relish thoughtful fantasy. But once you get past that, the pretentious language and sentence structure, and some of the adult themes, this book actually has an enjoyable story line and meaning.

Historically valuable, I agree, as they were among the first of their kind. However, I feel perhaps the authors imaginativity runs short, barely managing to make a strenuous effort to recover itself - and only does so to finish what has already been started.

It is stunning, exciting and very good. The writing drags and is as exhilirating as a rendition of "run spot sun". There are no Taoist themes, no complex narrative and no excitment. The story is shallow overtold and certainly not worth wasting your time on Her use of "true names" continues the legacy of what magic truly is, knowing and understanding, and recognizing that power is inherent in this knowledge.

It reflects the concept of what the word "spell" represents. Not only is her construction of this world deserving of praise, but her writing and depiction of characters struggling with the timeless themes of mortality, love, and fear are nigh on matchless.

I would recommend this series to anyone. Perhaps it is because of my personal taste but I prefer series that focus on the journey of the protagonist while introducing other characters through the view of this protagonist. Anyhows that is my opinion and should not stop anyone reading this. The language is spare and beautiful and the stories have something to offer your heart at many stages of your life. A fantasy world that feels as if it is part of your soul is a rare thing indeed and this is what U K Le Guin has created in my life.

Perhaps the longest read for 4 short books ever. I do not recommend these to anyone. Save yourself the pain. But overall, the series is highly recommended. The thing I like about them most is the way in which we follow the main characters, Ged and Tenar all the way from childhood to old age, it really feels like you have lived their lives with them.

If you love fantasy, you must read these 4 books and The Other Wind. The meaning of life and the human fear of death are the themes that run strongest through the books and this is done through characters that are simply perfect and in Ged and Tenar we are able to watch them go from young and unsure children into the wise adults.

If you enjoy reading fantasy then you must read these books, they will stay with you for the rest of your life. Ursula Le Guin is a master story-teller, she entertains you and makes you think at the same time, she would have made a good teacher.


List of characters in Earthsea

Shelves: classics , fantasy , young-adult , reviewed , own-a-copy , anthologies , read-in Call me Always Late on the Bandwagon because it took me sooo long to realize that Earthsea was a book by my favorite sci-fi writer, and not just a terrible Sci-Fi Channel series that Le Guin disavowed, by the way. When that realization hit me, I got myself a copy of the Earthsea Quartet. I cracked it open bundled up in bed, with a cup of hot herbal tea in hand, and I just vanished into this beautifully crafted world. The big tome became my bed-time reading treat for the next couple of months, and I confess I went to bed early a few times to have an excuse to read more of it.


[PDF] The Earthsea Quartet Book by Ursula K. Le Guin Free Download (691 pages)

Earthsea Saga: Book 1 - 4 Of these, some say the greatest - and surely the greatest voyager - is the man called Sparrowhawk. As a reckless, awkward b Earthsea Saga: Book 5 9. This puts Alder and Earthsea in Earthsea Saga: Book 6 9.

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