Dourg The nominal mo7 of dBV at this output is suitable for professional use as well as for home recording purposes. We grant 36 xynacord of warranty, starting with the date of the original purchase. Whenever possible, place the bass cabinets on the floor and the Hi-range cabinets directly on top. Otherwise you might be facing hum and interference noise. We sell all the leading brands: This is the basic channel setting, leaving you with at least 8dB of headroom. This mode is automatically activated when pressing a PFL-button.

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MIC Electronically balanced XLR-type inputs identical to the ones found on major studio and live sound mixing consoles for connecting low-impedance microphones. When set to its center position, the audio signal is fed with equal levels to the left and right master busses. VOLUME The channel fader is used to set the volume of a single channel and to establish an accurately proportioned mix of all input signals.

Caution: Make sure to connect magnetic turntable pickup systems only. In this way and when using the MP7 for Karaoke, the MID-control lets you effectively mute the lead vocals of the original recording.

If this is not the case, increasing the input level using the gain control is necessary. Page 12 7. Now, using the FX-return controls lets you alter the percentage of the effect signal in the main mix. It is good advice to keep an eye on the peak indicators when operating your MP7 to be able to quickly interact when the signal levels exceed the normal range and enter clipping. Caution: Depending on the type of headphones connec- ted to the phones jack, the MP7 is capable of producing very high output levels via the phones output.

Therefore, make sure to turn the control all the way to the left minimum setting before connecting the headphones. It is extremely useful in accomplishing sound reinforcement in a neighboring room or monitoring purposes using a second power amplifier.

If, after switching the MP7 on, the LED does not light, the first thing to do is to make sure that the mains plug is plugged in correctly. If that is the case and the LED still stays dimmed, please contact your dealer. In case you intend to have a clear and highly intelligible sound, you might want to increase the level setting of the 8kHz or 16kHz band a bit. If the mid-range sounds a bit nasal, try attenuating the mid-band by some decibels.



Product Description: One for everything: If you want the same great sound that you would get from the Dynacord Powermate but want to have more versatility to do Disco, Karaoke this is the mixer for you. A professional mixer offering two digital effect units and a 2 x watts power amplifier to be used in entertainment and multimedia applications. This is the end of complicated and space-consuming equipment! Everything is integrated and protected: special dynamic limiters for speaker protection plus loads of sophisticated electronic protection-circuitry. You get the lot - especially dynamic power. Well-known Dynacord-quality is guaranteed - literally, for 3 years.


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Dynacord MP7 Manuals & User Guides


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