Lilian B. She began to take small amounts of dope to steady her nerves and help her sleep when she felt exhausted from overwork. Eventually she became so dependent on drugs— especially morphine—that she became an addict. She daily took 50 times the normal dose of morphine normally prescribed for an adult male plus other drugs.

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Lilian B. Yeomans, M. Many years ago I read a book called Healing from Heaven by Dr. Lilian Yeomans. In Chapter 2 of this book, Dr. Yeomans describes the following Praise Cure. The book was written in , so I am not certain she actually delivered this speech herself or it was merely read at Southern Cross College in The wording is exactly the wording in the book. Learning about the Praise Cure and the story following had been a great treasure to me. I love to share it in my Fabufit Classes.

So the poorest may enjoy its fullest benefits. I call it the Praise Cure, because it is most readily applied by simply singing yourself into it. There was an old man, a Presbyterian elder, who was terribly opposed to anybody making a noise over religion.

He thought religion should be like the newest style of typewriters, absolutely noiseless, and with a guarantee to that effect. He had one daughter, however, a most saintly girl, who had so much glory in her soul that she occasionally boiled over. He labored over her to no effect, for it seemed as though she could not help it, though she hated to grieve her old daddy. Years ago a missionary from China was at Beulah Heights, who had a most wonderful healing from smallpox, while on the field by the application of the Praise Cure.

She did not know what to do, so she asked the Lord, and He told her to sing and praise Him for His faithfulness to His Word. So she sang and sang, and praised and praised. The doctor said he feared for her life—that the case was infectious, and awful complications were threatening; but she praised and praised, and sang and sang. They told her that if by any chance she recovered she would be disfigured for life; and she sang and praised louder than ever.

He told her that the praise basket must be filled so that it would out- balance the others, so she kept at it. At last the Lord showed her that the Praise basket was full and overflowing. She saw it sink, and the testing basket rise in the air; and in a moment, as it seemed, the eruption and all attending symptoms vanished, leaving no trace in the way of so much as a single scar.

Yes, the Praise Cure works every time. It is not unpleasant; rather, it is delightful. The cost of it has been met for us by another, and it is available this moment to each and every one of us.

Are you ready to begin it? The last clause of the 8th verse of the 1st chapter of the 1st epistle of Peter tells us exactly how to begin. You are not to take it once a year, but all the time. Who forgives all our iniquity and heals all our diseases.

How healthy could you really be? How happy could you really be? What can you imagine?


His Healing Power: The Four Classic Books on Healing Complete in One Volume

Her family was originally from Montreal, Canada. Her father was a physician who moved to the United States in The family appears to have been separated until when Dr. Yeomans returned to Toronto, possibly due to illness. He died in May of Her mother, who was a woman of strong character and personality, joined her at the University and began studies to become a doctor herself. Lilian graduated when she was 21 and passed an examination to practice medicine in Manitoba, Canada in


Lilian B. Yeomans Collection (4 vols.)



The Praise Cure


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