It was highly praised upon its release. It was a critical success also, with the cinematography of Henrik Gaertner —later Enrique Guerner — coming in for particular praise. One of the elements that distinguish this film from the rest of Spanish cinema of the period is that all the cinematography design, editing, musical adaptation, one of the screenwriters, and director Hans Behrendt were jews already fleeing persecution in Germany. All three female protagonists of the film, the eponymous Francisquita Raquel Rodrigo , her mother Francisca Antonia Areolo , and her rival, Aurora La Beltrana Matilde Vazquez , express their desires freely and it is these desires that drive the narrative. You can see a trailer for the film here: The last element that distinguishes the film is the lush look, the mobile camera, the expressive compositions that are rare to find in the Spanish cinema of this period.

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Day passed … in the electoral and zarzuelero. The premiere yesterday of Mrs. We talk about Grand theater, yes, from the Barcelona Coliseum. They had to be the unblocking elections of the two Spains and those that banished the separatist demon as a forced ally to form a government. But none of that was clear when, at Of course, the function of Mrs. Francisquita , with a remarkable Symphony of the Liceu directed by Oliver Diaz, confirmed that culturally Barcelona has a great fair play.

That said in two senses: on the one hand, the renovating assembly had signs of not leaving the bitter lovers of the genre happy — as it happened in May in Madrid — something that in Barcelona was not noted. In the world of opera people are more accustomed to seeing montages that review and update the repertoire titles. On the other hand, in Zarzuela, he is the current artistic director of the theater in Madrid, Daniel Bianco, the one who has begun to shake the dust to the genre — "but I am not the Mortier of the zarzuela, eh?

And logically there are those who feel that the canon is hurt. The first act, which moves the action to the Second Republic, recreate the disc recording of Mrs. Francisquita to be exported to Europe. It is a very plausible state operation. Hieratism turns this first act into … an act of faith on the part of the public, with a De Castro who speaks too fast for such a large theater.

Luckily, the montage breathes music and dance in the third act. De Castro directs the rehearsal of the work and discusses on the mobile with the minister on duty, this time not to kiss his hand, as to Fraga in the dictatorship, but to send him to fry asparagus.

And nothing more, hey. Neither Pasqual nor anyone on his team came out to say hello.


L'opera in casa



Beste eetgelegenheden in de buurt van Dona Francisquita, Sevilla


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