Mooguzahn I was captivated by it, but yet this type of warfare is a very notable book to read. It seems to be of practical value, and is an interesting read. Ivia rated it it was amazing Nov 13, I suppose unless your in May the Lord protect you and liberate you in Christ as you read this fascinating journey. Deliver Us From Evil: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jerry Smith rated it really liked it Jul 08, I found a second-hand copy of the first edition from with the bright yellow cover and New York Times -style column of text.

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Shelves: s-nonfiction , christian , pentecostal , deliverance A pioneering and still-in-print work on deliverance ministry. I found a second-hand copy of the first edition from with the bright yellow cover and New York Times-style column of text. Don Basham tells his story of being a church pastor called step by reluctant step into deliverance ministry. He recounts his journey very engagingly--and at times compellingly--and with great candor.

He admits his mistakes and the hard lessons learned as he walked by faith down a path that was far from beaten down in The books proved good complements to one another. I admired his opening concordances and flipping pages in his Bible to record in a notebook all instances of evil spirits or of occult activity--no Bible Gateway or fancy software to do the heavy lifting.

The hard work paid off as Basham creates a biblically-based deliverance ministry, free from the "folk doctrines" that were surrounding deliverance then and still. For example, eccentric church lady Sister Sadie criticizes Basham for failing to bind the evil spirit before casting it out, and for not commanding it "back to the pit" 93 , claiming the expelled demon would now be free to possess someone else.

Basham writes of his researching these charges and finding they are pieced together from gospel episodes not necessarily addressing deliverance, so while they sound good, they fail when put into context Sister Sadie also demands to know how long Basham fasted before attempting a deliverance, citing the incident where the disciples tried and failed to cast out a demon and were admonished by Jesus, "this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting" Matthew , Mark Basham admits that in special cases fasting appears to be necessary, but not in all Basham helpfully includes as an appendix "Pages from My Notebook," a collection of some salient notes he made while on this journey.

He distances himself from those who went down the rabbit hole and "began discovering demons behind the coffeepot" , and he by no means exonerates individual Christians from their guilt and responsibility to war against sin and temptation.

He distinguishes between two categories of evil that plague the believer: 1 the carnal self that is "an actual part of ourselves" and which must be crucified through prayer and self-discipline, and 2 evil spirits that have "invaded us from the outside [which] must be evicted" 98, emphasis in original.

In a testimony to his honesty in a book promoting deliverance ministry, Basham exhorts his readers to "remember that your problem may have nothing to do with demon activity! Before you decide you have a demon, apply the test: have you submitted your problem to sustained prayer, discipline, and obedience to what you believe God is telling you?

Only when these things have really been tried--and failed--is it time to consider deliverance" As much as I enjoyed reading this book and found it informative and edifying, it suffered its shortcomings. They struck me as self-indulgent padding to bump the page count over And like so many preachers, Basham too often casts himself as the hero of his own narratives.

Those who oppose him and embarrass him will eventually be humbled and admit Basham was right all along e. Stern, Willard Thompson. Just name the guy, already! Really, Don? Since when do newspapers--plural! I want to know which city and which paper ran that headline.

This decision to join their ministries came as a result of the fall into a "particularly tragic form of immorality" by an unnamed "fellow minister" and "fine man" whom I confidently suspect was Pentecostal healer and deliverance minister A.

And deservedly so.

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Deliver Us from Evil: A Pastor's Reluctant Encounters with the Powers of Darkness



Don Basham


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