WARNING: If the ground is defeated, certain fault conditions in the unit or in the system to which it is connected can result in full line voltage between chassis and earth ground. Severe injury or death can then result if the chassis and earth ground are touched simultaneously. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong.

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Initially, the User presets are exact copies of the Factory presets. You can only store changes to a User preset. Page 9: The Quick Edit Screen The Quick Edit Screen This screen is a shortcut where you can see what effects are active, turn effects on or off, or quickly access effects, expression links, LFO settings, Seamless Time settings, and the preset level for editing.

Page Front. Display The main display for viewing presets, effects, and navigating through all of the GSP menu systems. Display Shows the currently selected preset number. Hold to activate the Setup Wizard see page 9 for more information , which guides you through a series of options to set up the GSP for your particular use. Page Rear. Attach the included power cord here.

Page 13 When used as a preamp loop, the GSP can switch in an external guitar preamp or use the internal amp modeling preamp. See page 45 for information on configuring the Loop.

Page Using. You can edit, rename, and save presets as well. Note that there are 99 Factory presets and 99 User presets. When shipped from the factory, the Factory and User presets are identical. Page Setup Wizard Guitar. Page 16 PA system, with no guitar amps. The guitar plugs into the GSP input and the line output s connect to the input of a power amp and speaker setup. Page 17 Guitar. The amplifier effects send is connected directly to the GSP Loop Return, bypassing all pre-amplifier stompbox effects, amp modeling, noise gate and EQ.

Page 18 Scroll through these options to ensure they have been answered correctly. The GSP is now optimized for use with your setup. When creating your own sound, you must first start with an existing preset. If a triangular arrow appears to the right of a parameter, it means a sub-menu exists inside that parameter. Page Seamless Time Store procedure. Note that you must save any changes you make while editing using the Store button , or your changes will be lost when the GSP is turned off or a new preset is selected.

Time Presets in the GSP that use delays and reverbs can have their repeats and reverb tails heard to completion even after changing to a new preset. Page Main. You can also select the type of loop you want to use, and select a global cabinet if desired. Page Version This non-selectable option shows the version number of the current firmware. This is helpful when you need to update the firmware.

Contrast Adjusts the intensity of the graphic display. Other product names modeled in this product are trademarks of their respective companies that do not endorse and are not associated or affiliated with DigiTech or Harman International Industries, Inc.

They are trademarks of other manufacturers and were used merely to identify products whose sounds were reviewed in the creation of this product. Model Selects a Wah model. Parameters include: Distortion. Model Chooses a Distortion model.


DigiTech GSP1101 User Manual



Digitech Guitar Effects


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