Submitted by Rab0 on December 13th, Back of amp says Watts Power consumption Manual says 7. The version for Asia is multiple switchable voltage and rated at just W power consumption, lower than the other regions, probably due to the transformer needing multiple taps. I have two POAA yes "A" multi voltage with the non polarized plug versions that I got new while stationed in the Azores back in the late 80s.

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I eventually replaced my Denon amp with a unit from Bryston, but that may not be the best choice for you. I lost it in a lighting strike. If you want new equipment, it is easier but you still need to define a budget, etc. I think that the closing price was a little high. KT88Nov 12, The thing with older amps is that we are talking about used equipment and condition cn be all over the place, with selection being quite erratic.

Miti4Nov 11, I had two or three similar ones. Thanks everyone for their replies. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Yes, my password is: I had some experience with them when I sold used. BlazerJul 30, Much of it was due to cosmetics as both were nice amps with otherwise similar features. MohojoJul 23, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Powerful and clean but a little on the bright and clinical side. Then there is still pooa problem of condition and availability. I used one for a few years and was quite happy with it. MohojoJul 30, I had a Denon turntable and integrated amp and wanted separates, so I liked the Denon separates for a neat looking stack at the time. And if so, what are they like? Hi Miti4, That comment was several years ago and it was about older amps.

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