Rain became a consequent feature in many of his novels. After graduating from Snohomish High School in , he worked for a year before majoring in speech, drama and English at junior college. He graduated with a BA from Reed College in He wrote a novel for a thesis at Reed College before being drafted into the U. He soon began work on his first published novel, High Hunt, the story of four young men hunting deer.

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Originally posted on Once Upon a Bookcase. The events in these books take place several years after those in The Elenium, with the same characters. Therefore, this series - and so also my review - discusses things revealed in the previous trilogy. Domes of Fire begins six years after the end of The Sapphire Rose.

Queen Ehlana is back on her throne, married to Sparhawk, with a daughter of six - who we know to actually be an incarnation of the Child Goddess Aphrael. Annias, Martel and Azash are no more, and the Bhelliom is at the bottom of some unknown sea off of some unknown coast. Apart from Sparhawk wearing a few too many hats for his liking - Prince Consort and Interim Pandion Preceptor - and feeling stretched thin with all the political goings on that requires his attention, all in Elenia is fine.

However, strange things soon crop up in Lamorkand, talks of rebelling against the King and that the return of a long dead local hero from centuries past. It seems all over the Empire, people are stirring up the countrymen to revolution, announcing the reappearance of ancient heroes come to free them from those above them. The Emperor is failing to stamp down on the revolts as he normally is with the help of the Atans, Tamuli warriors, what with whole armies of centuries past being raised from the dead and supernatural monsters being spotted.

Domes of Fire is the first book in a second trilogy following Sparhawk and his friends. I enjoyed their company so much in the last trilogy, I decided to continue reading about them in The Tamuli, despite feeling a little disappointed at the end of the last.

The majority of this story covers the journey from Chyrellos to fire-domed Matherion, the capital of the Tamuli Empire, and it is an incredibly long journey. There are various different peoples occupying the countries that make up the Empire, with their own culture and beliefs.

Each country that Sparhawk and his companions travel through, bar Atan, have seen their own evidence of the people wanting to revolt. Much is afoot in Tamuli, and someone really wants to cause trouble. But more than that, there is some supernatural element behind it all, or allianced with the people, something with enough power to raise the dead And with the arrival of a familiar dark shadow, Sparhawk and his friends begin to strongly suspect the Troll-Gods.

We see a lot more of Mirtai in this book. She is a formidable woman of about six feet, but one dearly loved by all who know her well. Especially Kring, the Domi of the Peloi, the horse people of Pelosia. Again, kudos to Eddings for his strong women! We meet a number of new characters in this book, two being Baroness Melidere and the maid Alean, ladies in waiting to the Queen. Both are so much more than they seem, and both are brilliant. I do love me some romance! These characters!

They add much humour to a story already quite humourous, what with Kalten, Tynian and Ulath continuing to make an appearance. These characters really know how to banter! Standard Eddings - hero and his group of wise-cracking badasses-with-hearts-of-gold including the white-haired old wizard now joining the black-haired beautiful and ageless sorceress go traipsing across every country named on the map in a quest to defeat the machinations of the power-hungry ancient god.

I think Mr Eddings forgot the magic stone, though - so the party is going to go get it in the second book.

Amusing retreat to childhood.


The Tamuli



David Eddings



The Tamuli Series



Domes of Fire


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