She was born on January 20, in Cresco, Iowa. She is known for her best-selling thriller and romance novels. She has been included in thirteen consecutive New York bestselling lists and has more than 22 million books in circulation to date. Although born in Iowa, Hoag grew up in Harmony, Minnesota, a little town in southeastern Minnesota with the population of about , and according to Hoag, has no stoplight. Because of this, many of the settings of her novels feature Minnesota and its culture, or in some way reminiscent of her hometown. She was raised in an environment where everyone is ten years or more older than her, and her home being not that close to the urban centers, she was accustomed to being with herself.

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Shelves: romantic-suspense , favorites , april 4. When she arrives she finds out that her friend Lucy is dead, her home has been ransacked, and no one seems to care. The 4. The more she tries to find out what happened to Lucy, the more she discovers that no one is what they seem - least of all her late colleague and drinking buddy. Remember in the early 90s, when movie stars by the dozens bought big chunks of land out in Montana and North Dakota?

New money and fancy rich folk set against ranchers and cowboys struggling to maintain their way of life. The romance is believable, the chemisty between J.

Hoag certainly writes it like she means it. I was roughly the same age as the heroine the year the book came out, so rather than notice that the styles have changed, it made me nostalgic for them. Other than that, I barely noticed the lack of cell phones or mp3 players. How I would have loved to have tripped over a man like that in real life. I identified strongly with Marilee. I liked her, wanted to be her, right down to her wardrobe. Which like I said, is kinda dated, but I loved that look so much in Tami Hoag was one of my favourite authors in the early 90s.

She wrote big, meaty, romantic suspense novels with really hot men in them, and women that I could identify with. Dark Paradise is one of her best.


Dark Paradise



Tami Hoag – Dark Paradise


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