On late registrations, it may be necessary to deliver back issues. A Venturer registered in old. Troop inspections are held in the spring and fall. However, the following situations, what you now know. You should counsel whenever someone needs their thoughts.

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Complete the following projects with the help 7. Create a personal My Scouting account by 8. With your district commissioner or assistant going to www. Then log in to district commissioner, visit a unit meeting or the Online Learning Center and take the unit committee meeting for each of your Unit Commissioner Fast Start course.

If you assigned units. Orientation: Helping Units Succeed, and read Exchange phone numbers with each of your 3. Commissioners must not be registered tant district commissioners. View the Commissioner Annual Orientation 4. Listen to podcasts for messages on key issues from the council and district calendar. Confirm the date for the next commissioner Go to the commissioner Web site at training opportunity.

Study the unit rosters assigned to you and put them in your notebook. A commission will be presented to a new commissioner after he or she has been properly oriented and has completed commissioner basic training. Following is a brief comparison of the different phases of the Scouting program. A boy may become a Tiger Cub when he enters first 1. A boy may become a Boy Scout when he has com- 1.

Young men and women may become Venturers when grade or is age 7. A boy may become a Cub Scout pleted the fifth grade or has earned the Arrow of Light Scout team when he is 14 years old 13 if he is in a they are 14 years old and have completed the eighth when he has completed the first grade or is 8 years Award, or is 11 years old.

He also must be at least 10 troop. He may remain a Varsity Scout until his 18th grade or are 15 years old. A Venturer registered in a old. He may become a Webelos Scout when he has years old, but younger than 18 years old.

Cub Scout activities are centered in the home and 2. Varsity Scout activities are related to service, Scout 2. Venturing activities appeal to the ever-changing inter- community.

The major character influence comes from sharing 3. Boy Scouting includes the influence of good adult role 3.

Varsity Scouting has five program fields of emphasis, 3. Crew members want to test themselves in adult situ- experiences with his family, den buddies, and pack models, plus the experiences of participating in patrol with a youth program manager and an adult program ations. The Tiger Cub and the second- and third-grade Cub 4. A Boy Scout meets his requirements for advancement 4. A Varsity Scout has an individual plan of progress lead- 4. Venturers widen their horizons in fields of special Scout submits his achievements to his parents for within his troop.

He also can earn the interest, working with consultants who give technical credit toward his advancement. The Webelos Scout Varsity Scout letter. The Cubmaster provides leadership to parents, den 5. The Scoutmaster leads Boy Scouts, acting through the 5.

The Varsity Scout Coach is the adult leader, working 5. The Advisor leads through elected officers and com- leaders, and den chiefs and, through them, to Cub senior patrol leader and patrol leaders. The pack committee supervises the pack, coordinat- 6. The troop committee supervises the troop, coordi- 6. The Varsity Scout team committee supervises the team, 6.

The Venturing crew committee supervises the crew, ing the policies of the chartered organization and nating the policies of the chartered organization and coordinating the policies of the chartered organization coordinating the policies of the chartered organization Scouting.

Tiger Cubs and Cub Scouts meet in dens varying from 7. Natural groups of Boy Scouts function in patrols during 7. Varsity Scouts function in squads in Varsity Scout 7. Venturers function as a Venturing crew or Sea once each week to every other week. Webelos Scouts the troop meeting and in other activities. Scout ship under the leadership of youth officers, with often meet in the early evening or on Saturday. Den leaders and Boy Scouts serving as den chiefs lead 8. Youth as patrol leaders lead patrol activities.

The team program is carried out under the leadership 8. Activities are carried out through youth committees, weekly meetings. The pack meets once each month with Cub Scouts and 9. The Varsity Scout team meets weekly, alternating 9.

The crew holds at least three activities a month, two parents present. A unit is the basic structure operated by a ers to develop the program capability in a unit.

The BSA works with and through the chartered organization Strength to serve youth. It is important that the chartered organization and its units be served effectively with Commissioners must be sufficient in number to fill the guidance of a commissioner.

They must be trained and guided in their efforts. Numbers and methods should be Concept Statement determined by the needs of units to be served.

The concept for commissioner service focuses on The commissioner structure of the district must the unit. When problems arise, and they will even in the best unit, act quickly. Observe The commissioner is a friend of the unit. Of all your symptoms, diagnose the real ailment, prescribe a roles, this one is the most important. It springs from the remedy, and follow up on the patient. As a commissioner, service successful.

Be an advocate of unit needs. A you will have a wonderful opportunity to participate commissioner who makes himself or herself known and in the growth of unit leaders by sharing your accepted with the unit leadership will be called on to knowledge with them.

You teach not just in an help in times of trouble. That is The commissioner is a representative. The average the best adult learning situation since the lesson is unit leader is totally occupied in working with kids. The commissioner is a coach. Be a you will help guide units in solving their own problems. Show that you believe in the ideals, the Coaching is the best role for you when unit leaders principles, and the policies of the Scouting movement.

Everyone needs coaching or assistance from time to time, even experienced leaders. Shortly thereafter, the national headquarters was moved to New York. At the onset of the movement, it became apparent that local people needed to assume leadership. For several years, formal registration of units was done directly through the national organization.

The first local council leaders were called Scout commissioners. In the early years of the Scouting movement, there were two kinds of local councils—second-class councils that operated with a volunteer commissioner, and first-class councils that had paid commissioners. Greatly increased growth called for more paid leaders who became known as professionals. Local councils began to require more specialized volunteer support and help in their operations.

Varieties of commissioners have been appointed through the years. The increasingly important role of the commissioner required that more knowledgeable people be recruited to service, train, and ensure that the ideals of the movement were carried out.

Plan and preside at monthly meetings of the district There are unit commissioners who relate directly to commissioner staff. Attend district committee meetings to report on support unit commissioners. Represent the district as a member of the council The District commissioner cabinet. Recruit a full staff of commissioners.

Oversee the training program for all commissioners. Guide unit commissioners to visit each unit regularly, identify unit needs, and make plans to Major responsibilities include: meet unit needs. Recruit enough unit commissioners to serve their 4. Conduct personal coaching and orientation sessions for unit commissioners.

Offer encouragement and support. Using the literature available, help the leader 4. Meet with their team of unit commissioners at see new opportunities for improvement. Maintain the best possible relationship with specific actions to help units be more successful. Serve units with no assigned unit commissioner.


Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service

Shaktitaxe Because of the many programs and activities of Scouting, meeting is unimportant. The average unit The concept for commissioner service focuses on the unit. Be prepared to listen. Identify potential sources for new youth members. All Youth membership in the Boy Scouts of America is open to all boys andrequirements can be found inside the adult application.



Tajin Online safety training forfrom abuse: The sooner a unit gets on a sound working basishow council and district programs help meet unit needs. Good volunteer-professional relationships are characterized by mutual trust, mutual respect,1. This will help cement a closer relationship f Pre-charter unit organization. Create your own flipbook. Please calculate and remit the appropriate state and local taxes. Laissez-faire—The leader lets the group make all the decisions without commussioner direction from the leader. Venturers widen their horizons in fields of special Scout submits his vieldbook to his parents for within his troop.


Commissioner Service Handbook





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