Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Get to Know Us. Make sure you understand the consequences of this. Cisco Enterprise Routers Port 4. I have mostly used Linksys routers, they have all worked for me.

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I updated to the latest firmware. We have iphones, ipads, and Samsung Galaxy smartphones all trying to connect to this WAP at this office, but cannot seem to connect. If I power cycle the WAP, we can connect for about 5 min, then it loses it and cannot connect again.

I have strong signal, device says "connecting" then immediately "disconnected" About to go buy an Apple WAP. I have checked the passthrough boxes for all 3 protocols. There seems to be an availabel download for a ver 5, but you have to be a reseller etc.. If none, should I use 3rd party - IF yes to 3rd party, which one would you suggest?

Currently it is hooked up on my switch via a trunk port and is able to communicate with my gateway. To fix this for my local networks, I added the appropriate static route to cover my local LANs and that seems to work now.

I tried to add route 0. Does any know how I can set the default gateway in this router? Maybe, but hopefully not, I have to use the WAN port to create some kind of uplink and use one of the LAN ports to connect using the trunk port and route traffic for the clients over the WAN port. They all work fine and point back to a Server I just added a fourth location with the same router but this new router has firmware v2. When I connected the new router into the VPN network, it caused the other tunnels to go down.

When I take the new router with firmware v2. Can the v2. Do I need to upgrade the firmware so all 4 linksys wrvsn routers are operating the same version number so not to cause the tunnels to disconnect?

The problem: Router randomly freezes. This happens several hours after leaving site. The ports have never actually shown as open from online port verification sites, but again, we were able to see the cams via 3g and from another town just fine.

And we can see them on the locally. I downloaded the proper firmware update for my version V2. The main reason we purchased this router for our business for for the extra layer of protection with ProtectLink. It has been over two years now, and we still have not got our ProtectLink service installed because we are unable to install the service until the firmware is updated. After doing some research online, we found-out that the ISO file needs to be padded to 2 Kb in order to be valid for burning.

The ISO firmware file you provide for this update is not according to my calculations. We are extremely taken-back at the fact that I must submit my issue here on a forum rather than address the issue directly to Cisco Support. We are very disappointed with Cisco support as they appear to want to charge additional money just to get an initial shipped-problem remedied.

You would think that the company that essential built the internet infrastructure would be more considerate to their customers. We will never purchase another Cisco product given this level of terrible support. I recently upgraded my Internet service to 50MB download speed.

When I connect directly to the cable modem and run a speed test, using speedtest. When I connect the modem to the router and plug into one of the 4 ports the speed is cut in less than half. The max speed is cut to between MB download speeds.

I have tried this via wireless as well with the same result. It was working just fine on old consumer level linksys router. I have spent 3 hours with Apple support to no avail. Apple TV works fine on internet functions netflix, YouTube, etc. Apr 24, I am connected with qvpn, I can log in to the router bios remotely, but when I try to map the network drive from my remote location it does not work. I can detect the machine on the network, but it will not go further and tells me that "said IP was found but could not locate G".

Does this mean it is behind a firewall on server side and that I need to create a rule to allow the incoming traffic? Or could it be something else. We need to set up a point-to-point VPN and I have no idea how to do this with these devices. To make matters worse, the resource I have at the other end in an unknown entity who also does not seem to have much experience with this. Is there any type of step-by-step guide to such a configuration?

First the WAPN. Especially in WDS mode it locks the router up. I have to restart it. Out of desperation I bought RE that says it works with any "N" device. It also locked up after successfully configuring it. We have created 6 diffrent VLANs on it. But it seems that we need a router do to the routing of our cable connection to the WAN. Is it possible to connect the WRVSN to that switch and configure multiple subnets for that vlans? Or how can i do that? I have add a drawing for better understanding.

I have the latest firmware installed and have done this from a clean install as well. My addy is nbcr [dot] dyndns. I have an extensive computer repair background and run my own shop repairing computers, however networking is my weak area. Oh and its version 2.


Cisco WRVS4400N Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router - VPN v2.0



Cisco WRVS4400N



Cisco WRVS4400N Wireless Router ( Version:V2.0.1.3)



Cisco WRVS4400N - router specifications.


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