Add to a new shopping list About the Book: Cinematography for Directors is a master guide for the Director about collaborating with their closest ally, the Cinematographer. Cinematography for Directors covers the fundamentals of selecting a Cinematographer, translating the script into visual imagery, choosing the appropriate visual style for the film, determining the colour palette, electing film and HD formats and post-production processes, including the digital intermediate. What people say: "Frost takes an insightful and elemental look at the artistic and business relationship of Director and Cinematographer. To anyone remotely interested in filmmaking, it is a beautifully written page-turner. Frost has the ability to put the Director at ease by bringing clarity to the notoriously elusive relationship between the Filmmaker and the Cinematographer. Frost has been teaching film and video production and film history for over twenty years at various universities throughout the country.

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Shelves: read-in I need to purchase this book! They are many examples provided on classic and modern films. This book clearly describes the responsibilities of both director and cinematographer. The relationship between the two is exampled exceptionally with comments from well known filmmakers. It was interesting to read how some artist agree in the same areas of filmmaking but their opinions may vary to the extreme in others.

I love this book! Definitely good to have as a reference for filmmaking and I need to purchase this book! Definitely good to have as a reference for filmmaking and critiquing. The prose is merely serviceable, and the author tends to repeat sentences and concepts within the same paragraph or page. The film stills are also often distorted in perspective, which pretty much defeats the point of using them to illustrate a particular film or style. Jun 26, Jonathan Brooker rated it it was amazing Well recommended reference, particularly technical content which goes a long way to helping the Above the Line folks understand what is required to get the right shot, composition, lighting, positioning, blocking etc.

We have had our copy for just 2 weeks and already its looking worn and very used. Mar 11, Abdulaziz Lamlum rated it it was amazing Great, Fantastic to knowing all the general etiquette when the two roles work together, there is however at the end the talk too much on types of film stock, this can be either good or bad depending on what you want Mar 08, Christopher rated it it was amazing Probably the most resourceful, informative book that actually helped made my transition from director to a cinematographer a lot smoother.

It filtered down the choices of what I should do AND can do. Dec 07, Alexa rated it it was amazing A great book that explains basic technical and aesthetic approaches to the collaboration between cinematographer and director.

I learned a lot.


Cinematography for Directors: A Guide for Creative Collaboration

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[BOOK REVIEW] Cinematography for Directors (2nd Edition) By Jacqueline B. Frost


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