Both Ip Man and CST had come to Hong Kong from mainland China alone, so in order to keep each other company and for the convenience of training, Chu moved to the Union too, and they lived together for five years. Needless to say they became very close. In , Chu Shong Tin officially opened his own school in Hong Kong, and continued teaching full-time until he passed away at the age of I have been bound by Wing Chun my whole life, but I have no regrets. He was a very simple and humble man who was in love with Wing Chun and literally spent 64yrs of his life studying and sharing it with whoever was interested.

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Amongst all the martial arts in China, Wing Chun is the one I like the most. The reason I say this is not because I am teaching Wing Chun, but the fact that the theory and structure of It comprises three specialties: 1 No need to exert force; 2 It possesses the strongest structure with the minimum use of energy; 3 It induces the release of mind force from a person.

Learning Siu Nim Tao is divided in to three In other words, Chum Kiu is the form applicable to fighting. If the theory of Chum Kiu is analyzed carefully, it is found that it has reached the acme of perfection. Chum Kiu It is to use the natural skill to release the potential power of a person to the highest level and is also the combination of the mind and the theory of force It is wrong to say that learning Hence, the majority of Wing Chun learners consider that learning the moves of the Wooden Dummy will automatically become a good Wing Chun fighter.

Some even feel very happy with themselves and boast about their own achievements to the The purpose is to train the application of the movements and the ingenious responses in fighting so one can foster the natural reflexes of the movements. In order to develop the superior, natural These are the main points in fighting At the time I was the secretary of the association, so Master Ip and I had many opportunities to be together.

Before I became interested in Wing Chun, I often Therefore, I believe, for those Wing Chun followers who had been personally taught by Ip, should have heard and seen the explanations and demonstrations of the purpose of Elbow Force. The Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association organized a tour and more than a hundred Ving Tsun practitioners, both local and from aboard attended the ceremony. Those who participated in the grand opening got on a uniform, It is one of only two ever published interviews with the famous Wing Chun grandmaster.

Grandmaster Ip Man was a Fatshan native. When he was very young, he


Chu Shong Tin

Besides working hard on his own training, he also paid attention to what Ip was teaching to the other students. After about a year, Ip started to ask him to practice pivoting. When practicing this pivoting, he insisted on practicing several hours each day. It was about half a year later before Ip asked him to learn the Chum Kiu. It was just like Siu Nim Tau, as he knew the movements of the whole form already without Ip showing him. After roughly one year, he started to learn the wooden dummy.


Wing Chun Class Schedule


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