Por que precisamos dos puritanos? Os puritanos, em contraste, como um corpo, eram gigantes. Eram grandes almas servindo a um grande Deus. A guerra espiritual fez dos puritanos o que eles foram. Quando expulsos pelo sombrio Ato Bartolomeu o Ato de Uniformidade de e removidos de seus respectivos cargos para irem pregar em celeiros e nos campos, nas rodovias e nas sebes, eles escreveram e pregaram como homens de autoridade. Wakefield, Puritan Devotion, p.

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Country Living editors select each product featured. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. More about us. Milne and Daphne de Selincourt. Milne dies. The newest installment of the stuffed-animal-inspired series is Christopher Robin , a movie starring Ewan McGregor as the adult version of the title character. It sold more than 50, copies in eight weeks, according to the Telegraph. His mother, meanwhile, insisted on dressing him in "girlish" clothes and keeping his hair below his ears, a style that was odd even for the time.

By then, each book was selling hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. Jealous classmates bullied and taunted Christopher, who responded by taking boxing lessons to learn how to defend himself. Entering boarding school at age 9, Christopher Robin had a full-fledged "love-hate relationship with my fictional namesake" that continued into adulthood, he wrote in his memoir The Enchanted Places.

At school, however, I began to dislike him, and I found myself disliking him more and more the older I got," Christopher wrote. After serving in World War II and finishing his degree, Christopher, then in his mid-twenties, failed to find fulfilling work. He believed, he would later reveal, that his father "had got where he was by climbing on my infant shoulders, that he had filched from me my good name and had left me with nothing but the empty fame of being his son.

The couple married months later, nonetheless, and opened a bookshop together. Writing his memoirs seemed cathartic for Christopher—"Believe it or not, I can look at those four [Winnie-the-Pooh] books without flinching," he said at age 60—but he never truly reconciled with his parents. Even on her deathbed, according to the Oxford Biography Index, Daphne Milne refused to see her only son. Christopher Milne at the unveiling of a statue in honor of his father at the London Zoo in Getty Images.


O Eleito de Deus



Deus um Delirio – Richard Dawkins


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