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Shelves: finance This book has a picture of the author on the cover. I shouldve considered myself warned. But heres the thing - Im 28 years old, married with no kids, spent the better part of the last 10 years at uni and I work full time. As a result, I have a big gaping hole in my knowledge, and no idea about what This book has a picture of the author on the cover. Also, I have this thing where I through phases of obsessively reading and learning about new things.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book that both taught me some things, and made my blood boil. I absolutely agree with one of the premises, that many people are financially illiterate.

But it also scared me. He won, I guess. This book bats you over the head with a few ideas one of which is that The Poor should just stop being so poor!

It talks about his father the Poor Dad who is university educated and hard working, but supposedly foolishly believes that getting an education and then a secure job is a waste of time. Education — what a joke, right? What a waste of time and money, that could otherwise be spent on high risk ventures that will always make you millions. That can be further invested to make billions.

The thing is, not everybody is afforded the same opportunities, and the point about high risk, is that risks are high. Sometimes it all comes crashing down.

It is fervently anti-intellectual. Sometimes you need to actually pay your bills because there are real life consequences to failing to do so. Like, your utilities being disconnected. Your credit rating being destroyed. In my view, and in reality, not everybody can be an employer. Employers need employees. There is actual intrinsic value to things other than being an employer, running a company, and making money.

Things like, helping people, making things, research, writing, hell — even working. Because everyone can be The Rich! I imagine that in person, Kiyosaki is a cult leader type person.


Cha giầu, cha nghèo



Rich Dad Poor Dad – Cha Giàu Cha Nghèo


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