Facilities constructed to a temporary standard are intended for use up to 24 months but may be used indefinitely. Temporary construction standards are characterized by austere facilities requiring additional engineer effort above that required for initial standard facilities. Temporary construction standards increase efficiency of operations and improve durability, morale, safety and health standards of personnel on operations. Facilities should be thermally insulated for energy conservation as time, funds and operational situation allows. Construction standard designs have been developed by USACE to satisfy the temporary construction standards of this instruction. Temporary standards may be used initially if so directed by the combatant commander.

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Central Command, functioning as the primary provider of engineering services to the combatant command and numerous U. We must also factor in where the construction will take place. Take, for instance, electrical code. What materials are needed? Who will use the facility? How long will the facility be used?

These documents capture engineering experiences from the past 30 years and are aimed at removing confusion in design and construction and promoting life, health and safety for the occupants. The Sand Book has had numerous updates since its original publication; the Contingency UFC documents are being updated as well.

Lyons, lead architect, Engineering and Technical Division. Likewise, the Contingency UFCs are tri-service design and construction documents maintained by USACE, the Navy and the Air Force, with numerous joint working groups having with one or more technical experts from each participating organization developing the technical documents.

The Department of Defense initiated the UFC program to unify all technical criteria and standards pertaining to planning, design, construction, and operations and maintenance of real property facilities.

The resulting UFC products are technical publications and guide specifications, Lyons said. He brings both private sector and government experience, serving a wide range of customers, to the table. Army Corps of Engineers. For website corrections, write to dll-cetad-pa usace.


The Sand Book



Transatlantic Division assists USCENTCOM with updating design, construction standards


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